May 20, 2010

Poor Bastards

Bastard: a person born of parents not married to each other. An illegitimate child.

Still revving on James Dean, who owned a Porsche 550 Spyder race car named “Little Bastard”. This rear-engined car was customized by George Barris, who later designed the Batmobile. It seems an appropriate synch because this car took James directly to Hades on Sept 30, 1955.
When Dean introduced himself to Alec Guinness outside a restaurant, he asked him to take a look at the Spyder. Guinness thought the car appeared 'sinister' and told Dean: 'If you get in that car, you will be found dead in it by this time next week.' (How Obi Wan get you get?) This encounter took place on September 23, 1955, seven days before Dean's death.
The sports car soon gained a reputation as "cursed", and we'll note that Dean raced as No. 130, or 13.

A long time ago a friend told me how homos were like some sci-fi alien spawn that gets deposited in a straight family and raised there until they reach sexual maturity, when they are compelled to seek out others of their own kind. Yikes! Funny thing is, this strange “parenting” arrangement exists not only in the realm of sci-fi.

The Cowbird is a species of small “brood parasitic” birds. The birds feed on insects, including the type stirred up by herds of cattle. In order for the birds to remain mobile and stay with the herd, they have adapted by laying their eggs in other birds' nests. The Cuckoo is the most infamous of brood parasites, with considerable mythology built around the deceptive habit.

Many have noticed how the entire human race behaves as if it were a “brood parasite” on earth, callously kicking other species out of the “nest”. It does make me wonder. What if our race really WAS seeded by some alien spore? Perhaps “Our Father who art in heaven” can be taken quite a bit more literally than even the Fundamentalists will dare.

Whose your daddy? A question that none of us poor bastards can really answer. Are we the progeny of some space-faring race, with an “Eve” in every port? Curious how James Dean made his name playing the son of an absent or disappointed father figure. Indeed, it was popular psycho-babble in the 50’s to blame homosexuality on an absent father. I think we could blame a hell of a lot more than queerness on an absent race of aliens. Talk about evading child support!

Found this sexy bastard a few days ago:


Anadæ Effro said...

Hey, Michael, hey! Your web logue had gone missing for several days, leaving some of us more active participants worried & reeling, the latter my captcha for this (reling). I've been throwing this link around, speaking of offworld seeders & breeders. Have a great Sunday. Happy to See(r) you up & running again. We couldn't've lost you, man! You're jus' too important ~ (•8-P

Michael said...

Hi Anadae, gr8 link! Yea, those bastards did it to me again! I've decided google death is like ego death!:-)

This was good timing, been thinking about doing some new things anyway.

Christopher Knowles said...

Welcome back, Michael. Unfortunately all of your comments on the Sun seem to have evaporated...


Anonymous said...

Yes, glad you're still here!

And i'm with you on the alien/homo thing. I do love my family, but I've often told people that I feel like I was dropped off as an infant by aliens. As wonderful as they are, I really don't have much in common with them, and I'm sure they often wonder where I came from!

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