Jun 14, 2010

World Cup Material

No cup can hold that!

This little gem is scanned from a much beloved book of sex comics - "Oh Boy" by Brad Parker, published 1988. Oh means O. The O boys. Brad had a serious California boy fetish (being a midwestern lad who finally made his trip to gay mecca). The book has a little intro/bio written by his friend and mentor, Jay Wetteland. It starts with: “In the beginning, Brad Parker masturbated to the images of dinosaurs. He later discovered men.” Brad’s erotic comics are full of sci-fi and aliens (very hunky aliens) wolves, leopards, faeries, and even star gates - gates opened by the power of pure, unashamed, man on man eroticism. In other words, a prophet! I’ll be scanning more of his work, as time permits.

Brad has painted art for Hollywood, Marvel and DC comics, including the graphic novel Green Lantern: Fear Itself. It’s a story about the three incarnations (avatars) of Green Lantern, and how they each had to face their greatest fear (butt sex, IMHO, but that's just Horus talking). We’ll note that Green Lantern is garbed in Osiris black and green, and he carries a magical ring of power. This ring is symbolized as the 101, or the guardians of the hole (divine feminine). See the Double H Ranch for more than you ever wanted to know about that.

Brad finally made his way to paradise, where he paints as “Tiki Shark” - giving the ancient Polynesian Gods his own unique spin. Considering his life and times, it is remarkable that Brad is still with us, thank Kauhuhu.

 “When you live on an active volcano, you learn to make sacrifices."

1 comment:

GreggerMan said...

I went about my activities today dressed in my Green Lantern Tee.

And tonight I requested that a friend and Superversity reader see if he could find a comic by Brad Parker. The second half of a two parter wherein Parker's primary character becomes a satyr after swallowing a hot load.

Now I read this collection of connections.

I hope wonders never cease.

Cheers, Greg

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