Jun 25, 2010

Again Madness Triumphs!

There’ve been some interesting synchs developing in my local space-time imaginarium.


First, is the idea of “return”, or “going back”, perhaps in time. I had a vivid dream about a month ago that a massive UFO hovered over Seattle that beamed everyone aboard. (massive UFO = "God" to my subconscious, FYI) Then I was set back down in Seattle, except it was back in the 80’s? Talk about back to the future . It seems like I can’t go anywhere without the worst of 80’s music being rammed down my ears. Are the 80’s the new Musak? Ronnie’s revenge.


A few days ago Var insists that I sit down and watch an old 'Married With Children' episode because he thinks I’m too serious lately and need to laugh and cut loose. He’s right, of course. This episode involved Kelly Bundy burning up Peggy’s much loved (albeit hideous) couch and needing to get a replacement ASAP before the parents return from vacation, and the episode soon becomes more than surreal, involving a “mad man” named ‘Mary’. Plenty of MM’s in that one, and the “madness” theme is also resonating like crazy. I recently confided in a friend that I worried that synchronicity might be a mental illness. Day after that, another friend sends me some drawings of his latest nautical design, named... 'Madness'. Hiyo!

A day after the MWC fire/couch/madman episode, the first boy I ever kissed “friends” me on Facebook - someone I haven’t seen since... the eighties. He ran across an old photo of me, so he decided to check the book of faces and waddya know, I was there because I finally gave in and created a Facebook account a few weeks ago. My first boyfriend’s name is Kelley, and I’m sitting on one hell of an ugly couch. Like Peggy, he has amazing red hair. I’m not sure if that makes me Bud or Al, but it just cracks me up.

Looking at that picture 30 years later, it's almost like trying to decipher the dead sea scrolls. Like most symbolic scholars, I see more than was ever intended:

I seem to be jotting something down on a notepad, using the phone. Alexander Graham Bell - My elementary school was named after him. I suppose that should ring a bell? I’m wearing the 80’s preppy uniform, button down and Levis 501’s. Always prepping, you are. A strange VINE is creeping in. The BLACK DOG synchs in for a bite.


This month’s other major synch word is “Triumph”. Var and I went into Seattle for a “culture day” (something you just gotta do every now and then when you live in the Zombie Land suburbs) Which was great fun and we came across this motorcycle that for some reason I wanted to take its picture. It’s a Triumph.

Today I see that my favorite car blog (Bring a Trailer) features a red Triumph TR250. 25 is 5x5 or 55, the double Venus. Today is also June 25. Triumph’s famous sports car brand is the SpitFIRE.

Triumph = Victory. Always a good sign. and checking back on that screenshot from the eighties, I note that I am shod in red and white Nike’s. Nike is the Goddess of Victory.

I have no grand interpretation of the above, it’s too early for that. But I just wanted to jot it down. To recap: return, 80's, fire, old flames, siblings, a couch only a mother could love, madness, restoration, victory. Maybe this summer will be one to remember after all.

UPDATE 6/26/10: Doctor Knowles from the Secret Sun reminds us that a “Triumph” is a civil ceremony and religious rite of ancient Rome to celebrate military success, involving massive parties and the erection of PHALLIC monuments and arches! According to wikipedia, the Triumph was already ancient by Republican times, and was sanctified by its mythic antiquity:
Plutarch (and other Roman sources) accorded the first Roman triumph to Romulus, in celebration of his victory over King Acron of the Caeninenses, traditionally coeval with Rome's foundation in 753BCE. Ovid projected an even more fabulous and poetic antecedent in the triumphal return of the god Bacchus/Dionysus from his conquest of India, drawn in a golden chariot by tigers and surrounded by maenads, satyrs and assorted drunkards.
Recall that Dionysus was welcomed into the Greek pantheon for returning Hephaestus/Vulcan to Mt. Olympus. Vulcan is also called the “lame God”, his representative in the Star Trek universe is Spock. Recall my recent bout o’ gout in the FOOT, where I was made LAME (read Less is More).

My friend Lee returned a few weeks ago from a bicycling trip to France. He sent us a postcard of the Grande Arche, AKA “modern Triumphal Arch”, AKA hypercube (stargate) in Paris! Paris is more Roman than Rome, thanks to Napoleon. Amazingly, Lee had a bike accident and hurt his FOOT!


Christopher Knowles said...

Oh Michael- a "triumph" is much more than a victory. Triumphs were massive parties, that often centered around the building of giant phalli built in honor of victorious generals.

Get an eyeful: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roman_triumph

Lots of interesting sync fodder there.

MWC's David Faust-Ino was on the penultimate episode of The X-Files, Sunshine Days. That's the ep where the Lost producers discovered Michael Emerson.

Michael said...

Right you are, Christopher. Thanks for the lead, I've updated the post with this (and more!)

Devin said...

Michael - I really enjoyed this article!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I had the weirdest "synching" feeling when I was reading it- and that doesn't happen often with me.
The other day when I was goofing around with "Cleverbot" I asked it what the end result of the GOM oil gusher would be. Cleverbot told me to think about what happened 24 years ago (going with the Back to the Eighties theme) Funny I couldnt think for a minute -which is odd because I referenced it in my "horrible undoing" post - finally I did and replied "Chernobyl" and for once after extreme meandering and many nonsensical answers by Cleverbot -it gave a sentence long but understandable "yes" to Chernobyl-
haha I also watched "It's Raining Men" by The Weather Girls for some good ole eighties cheese yesterday!
as always you and Var are in my thoughts and prayers!!!!!!!!
wv=refir (reefer? ;-)

Michael said...

Wow, that BP/Chernobyl/Wormwood thing keeps resonating. Speaking of the 80's, I personally suspect that Ronnie was abducted by aliens during his near fatal assassination attempt and was replaced by an android, but that's just me. :-)

Thanks again for commenting, and all the best to you and your family.

Devin said...

Haha loved your thoughts on Ronnie!!!! Way back I also kind of freaked when I heard that
I simply don't know what to think about any prohphets or prophetic devices anymore - the internet is a wonderful source of info - the only trouble i have using information from it is the extreme glut of it - sometimes it is hard for me to seperate te wheat from the chaff.
thanks for the comments back and i hope you guys and all of your friends and family are doing great too!!!!

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