Jun 24, 2010

Cum Stained Glass

Anadae included a link to this foot fetishy image by Roman stained glass artist IKO in his comment on Less is More (BTW, the cherries are working! Thanks for all the advice and links, I have much research to do on not only gout, but my whole inflammation thing). I’m quite taken with his vision - an illumination of the sacred erotic. The combination of an ancient and sacred style with formerly taboo sexual images creates a powerful disconnect in the brain, where for a second or two we can conceive of a world that combines the sacred and the profane in holy union.


Vicnaustin said...

Beautiful!!! You're on to something there....the union of the sacred and profane. I found your blog through the secret sun....which is great...BUT love that you provide a "family" friendly take on the sacred and profane. Thanks!!

Michael said...

Thanks for commenting Vic, much appreciated.

Anadæ Effro said...

Hey Michael, hey. Word verification? Why, fidept for faery adept, natch! Just recently returned from the 10th Annual Fairy & Human Relations Congress @ Skalitude, WA. What an awesome event. And a truly pivotally life-changing experience for me all around. Shucks, man, RJ Stewart even made me an ambassador. (shouts into the next room) Thanks, Magus Sequoia! Yeah, man, that Diego Tolomelli is so ridiculously talented, why, it's just riCOCKulous! Happy you're as taken with his œuvre as am I. Except I'm gonna do it, gosh darn it, I'm gonna learn how to do stained glass. Happy to Gno, also, that the demon gout that gave you such a going over has left. Who'd've realised that dark cherries had such exorcising properties? As for the sacred & the profane. Ancient Tantric practices in India have long been doing that for millennia, merging both seemingly diametrically opposite aesthetics. Witness the temples carven with every conceivable & inconceivable sexual coupling & tripling & more in Khajuraho. Sounds kinda like Kajagoogoo, dunnit? Ciao for now, Michael. Best to you & the Var always ~ (•8-D

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