Jun 16, 2010

Apocalyptic Queens

Most queer blogs I haunt are single-mindedly devoted to cock and ass, and that’s the way it should be. But sometimes there is a political or religious/spiritual slant presented, and I always appreciate that, because occasionally, we even use our heads above the belt. Very rare to find right wing homos, though they exist (or I should say, rare to find UNCLOSETED right wing homos). What I most appreciate are the Apocalyptic Queens, and I’ve found another one: Tom Bacchus! Tom’s written a book of prophecy disguised as homoerotic Sci-Fi:

Q-FAQ . . . it's more than just another four-letter word
Q-FAQ follows the erotic adventures of Afaik, a gay Arab alleged terrorist, in the near future. Bombed out of his Manhattan home by rightwing federal agents who create "terrorist" acts to continue their campaign for the newly installed Puritan Party, Afaik escapes into the arms of Aces Bannon, a surly soldier with a few special replacement parts. Together, the pair zooms across the Divided States of America and discovers and underground network of hunky pilots, arms dealers, and circuit party orgies in this thrilling ride of sex and science fiction satire. Q-FAQ is a unique blend of sexuality, humor, and science fiction that thrusts you into the world of the near future - whether you like it or not.
Tom envisions the divided state of the near future America, split tidily along red state, blue state lines. Watching the continuing polarization of the Union, it makes me wonder. I imagine the U.S. split in twain, with Sarah Palin and the Fundies running the red states. They will immediately attempt to regain God’s favor by banning homosexuality, work on Sunday, Islam, and Lady Gaga! In other words, a bunch of our brothers and sisters may suddenly be caught behind enemy lines!

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