Dec 12, 2009

Rhapsody in Two

Thuth at Conspiracy Grimoire asked me in a recent comment to think about Solomon's Temple in a wider context. So here goes...

Solomon's temple was built to enshrine the Shekinah - the Holy of Holies, the glory of the Divine presence. Solomon's temple was flanked (or guarded) by two columns - Joachim and Boaz. Jachin (Joachim) means "Justice." Boaz means "Mercy." In other words, the eternal conflict of a dualistic Godhead. Will you be serving mercy or justice today, sir?

I'll take it one step further and suppose that since Solomon is synonymous with wisdom, that the "temple" is the human brain, the two towers represent the left and right lobes, and the Holy of Holies is the Pineal gland - the internal stargate and intermediary. It's bio-cosmic! I'll also suggest that the "temple" is our idea of who or what God "is" at any stage of our cultural evolution. And that's why the temple keeps getting destroyed and rebuilt, because our concept of God keeps changing. "Mind blowing", so to speak.

Pattern: temple creation - desecration - destruction - new temple. It happens over and over again - we're always working on our next temple. One of my most consistent mythic inspirations is the Trojan War, and I recall how the Greek desecration of a temple is rather central to the story - Odyssey One.

Even Jesus famously defiled the temple. He angrily tossed out the money changers. Just to make certain, he rends the curtain of the Holy of Holies in two with a thunderclap (Yay Zeus!!) Jesus was also always defiling the Sabbath (healing the lame on Saturday - the nerve!) a temple rebel, one might say.

Samson defiled the Dagon temple by bringing down two columns, heralding a new temple - a new idea of God.

Freemasons call themselves the inheritors of the Knights Templar - the knights of the temple. If anyone knows about Solomon's Temple, it would probably be they. Considering the synchy evidence that Masonic Manhattan is the symbolic New Jerusalem, it is no great leap to suppose those Freemasons might build a temple or dozen? Manhattan makes the Giza plateau look like a cheap strip (Dubai) mall!

If we can see New York as Jerusalem, then we can also see the World Trade Center as the modern temple complex, and the twin towers as Joachim and Boaz. Which properly places 911 in the mythic framework of the destruction of the temple. Hate to say it, End Timers, but Solomon's third temple was destroyed on September 11, 2001. It's later than you think.

Which means that our idea of God was also destroyed then. It was almost like... the end of the world.

Considering that the World Trade Center was essentially a temple of prostitution for the Almighty Dollar, maybe no huge surprise?

A temple destruction/apocalypse is the signpost of Revelation - a new idea of God being born into human consciousness. Lucky us, witnesses to the event.

When the Twin Towers fell, I pretty much followed my programming and sought out answers from the unusual sources, which involved a lot of Prison Planet and Fundamentalist End Times sites. (I always had to go in as an undercover homo to the fundie sites), but anyway, that was a space I lived in for about three years after 911. Not a happy place. And then I met Jeff Fairhall, had the ego-death thing, and eventually started blogging about this shit on Gosporn.

I think I'm STILL following my programming (nature or nurture). I'm coming up with alternative ideas of who and what God is. So are many thousands of others. Eventually one will stick, and we'll have our new temple - probably same as the old temple. But here and right now - in between temples - there is a lot of room for interpretation. It's like the human hive mind has been blown wide open - it's 70 AD all over again! A pretty cool place to be.


JB said...

I'm more of a fan of ancient mythology than Biblical prophecy, personally. It links into the present climate change controversy perfectly, since it now seems that global warming was a hoax, and that the exact opposite was true, that we are now entering a new Ice Age.

In Norse myths surrounding Ragnarok, it is said that the world would end and be born anew with a very harsh winter that would last for three years. One week from now we'll be about three years away from December 21st, 2012. Good thing I'm Canadian, I'm used to the bitter cold (it's been minus 40 with plenty of snow for a couple of days now!). All I need is a battle-axe, a well-trained pack of wolves, and I'll be set. ;)

ViølatoR said...

"it's 70 AD all over again! A pretty cool place to be."

P.K.Dick/Horselover Fat in VALIS believed that time had stopped at 70AD; though I think he thought that "Time started again when the information-plasmate (God, as opposed to the Demiurge/YHWH) was released during the uncovering of the Nag Hammadi Gnostic Library in 1945." Quoting myself in an old post.

Speaking of Israel = NY, aferrismoon has pointed out that ISRAEL=541 in gematria, and 541 meters = 1776 feet, the proposed height of the octagonal (as in: dome of the rock) "Freedom Tower." 1776, the official birth of the USofA, is also the gematria for "saviour of Israel." Not only did they save (parts of) it, they planted it right here in America!

I had been thinking about the "temples" on the sides of your head (and the arteries behind them) for possible mention in the next one or two posts for my "Holy Mountain" series, so I might have to quote you later :D

Michael said...

JB - yea, it's almost like climate science is as changeable as... the weather!?

Violator - I knew the PK Dick story, which is why I included it. Now that BlackDogStar has noted that VALIS is SIVA backwards, or in other words, Shiva, it puts the whole PK Dick mythos in a whole 'nother context. 70 AD is another 7 synch.

Great gematria synch - the temple was built right under our very noses.

Cheers, Michael

Christopher Knowles said...

Very cool article- nice shot of Jupiter. Remember Jupiter means "God the Father."

As to Revelation- my reading of it is a misogynistic, genocidal anti-sex rant, but here's hoping for a better outcome.

Michael said...

CK - Everything in Revelation is a dream sequence - a mushroom fueled acid trip - the Terrance McKenna of the first century.

Taken like that, it is at least entertaining. Both "John" and Terrance said the subconscious would create an alien invasion scenario - seems we're right on schedule!

Christopher Knowles said...

Well, if you put it that way, I'll have to go back and read it again!

Devin said...

It is so funny -well in a not funny way -to see all of the stuff PKD talked about -or at least a lot of it come to pass!
It wouldn't surprise me at all if the towers represented Joachim and Boaz -Justice and Mercy-I like that better than Nelson and David Rockefeller -yes that is what some in conspiracyland think!
the taller tower was supposed to be the taller bro-forgot which one-one has been dead since like 1979 -"all that money couldn't hold another minute back" haha sorry bad interp of "Kansas" dust in the wind
fantastic and very very thought provoking post Michael
maybe that is what the early 21st century is about -why it has been so awful -because we are "between gods"
TIME magazine had a cover that said something like "Why the last decade has been so terrible-and the next will be a lot better"
haha when I saw that I was like I wouldn't count on "better" :-)
all the best to you and Var as always Michael-thanks again for the great article!!

Dennis Igou said...

A feris dude uses Germatria of a curious nature. Jewish Q. I am sure that such nbr sequence is not the prime source. The English language is superior to nbr magic. 26 vs 22 letters. 0 vs 1. Too many syncro mystics trying to dominate the rap jack with nbrs and Bible stupidity. The Bible and it's lesser demigod is not of any consequence! These blogs of stupid ignorant number (contagious magic) (sym-pathetic magic). are dangerious and whack. He uses nbrs like a whore uses perfume. All this Bible tomfoolery to prove a religion of no-thing. The proof is in their dogma-rant. It's basis is wraped in fundemental xtian ignorance. The co-el exoteric principal is not the essence. Dennis

Michael said...

Hi Dev! ONe thing I should try to make clearer is that only our concept of God is changing - the song remains the same. The Rockefeller nonsense is very typical of fundamentalist attitude - reading the symbolism like a child, kinda like George Bush reading My Pet Goat during 911, and few connect that the goat is the symbol of the scape goat - the sacrifice. A profound title after all, and hardly a "children's book".

Dennis - I'm glad you brave the porn to come by sometimes - I've actually tried to subdue it a bit, thanks to you! As you may gno, A Ferris Moon is no fan of gosporn, and I'm not much of a fan of numerology - numbers are like statistics - they can be made to mean anything.

That said, I do respect the bible as a record of mushroom consciousness, however imperfectly recorded and modified down through the ages. Especially the Revelation, which is actually the first book of the New Testament chronologically, not the last. It points to the roots of Christianity, which are also the roots of the Dionysian mysteries - entheogenic drugs.

Cheers, Michael

JB said...

I've just noticed you asked for something "esoteric" that Achilles will dethrone Zeus. I don't know if it qualifies as being esoteric, but here's the story:

Zeus was terrified of being dethroned by one of his own children, just as he had dethroned his father Saturn, just as Saturn had dethroned his own father Ouranos before him. So he asked Prometheus, the wisest of all the gods, whose power was precisely to see the events of the future in infinite detail, to tell him the name of the one who was destined to take his place. Prometheus refused, since he wasn't very fond of his arch-nemesis/former best friend Zeus. So Zeus crucified him at the top of a mountain for 30,000 years, torturing him every morning, until he told him what he wanted to know. Prometheus eventually did, and the name was "Achilles".

Achilles was not directly one of Zeus' children, but his great-grandson on his mortal human father's side (oh, those gods and their bloodlines!). So anyway, in order to protect him, the now freed Prometheus told Achilles' mother the goddess Thetis to purify her newborn son of his mortality in the black waters of the River Styx, except for his heel, and you know the rest of the story.

Achilles got killed by a poison arrow straight through his heel at the end of the Trojan War, Zeus can now sleep at nights knowing that the only one which could take his power away from him is now pushing up daisies (or whatever type of flower they had in Ancient Greece), but what he DOESN'T know is that Prometheus had planned everything all along: the 30,000 years of torture, Achilles having only one vulnerable spot, so that Achilles would come back at some point in the distant future to kick some Olympian ass when Zeus is old and weak and least expecting it...

It was always understood in ancient mythology that the next ruler of the cosmos would be a human being, or at the very least someone who is part human, and this scared the shit out of our creators. What happens when one of the former slaves sits down on the throne? Ask Obama and the next Pope, who is also supposed to be blsck. Meanwhile, I, the modern reincarnation of the Divine Achilles, shall continue to wait for the right moment to walk on stage and steal the show... ;)

JB said...

Typo alert: "...and the next Pope, who is also supposed to be BLACK."

F**k. I need my coffee. Also black.

Michael said...

"Meanwhile, I, the modern reincarnation of the Divine Achilles, shall continue to wait for the right moment to walk on stage and steal the show..."

Just like Susan Boyle!! Thanks for the story JB, much appreciated. I'm thinking the temple destruction pattern is the same as the Father God destruction pattern of the Greeks.

Arrowsmith said...

Michael, I love your interpretation of The Temple. While writing my latest BDS post I kept coming across syncs involving the '4 Walls'. I kept coming back to the idea that the 4 Walls are symbolic of our physical body, the Temple which houses our heart/spirit. I didn't really know where I was going with the whole 4 Walls/Temple thang, so decided to just skim over it. You've just explained what I had in mind a hell of a lot better than I possibly could have. Thanks Michael!

p.s. I like to think that the Trojan Horse which infiltrated and destroyed the city/temple of Troy was simply a metaphor for the god-force which governs all aspects of life. The sneaky Trojan which infiltrates each and every one of us (like a virus), the force which we cannot block (despite our best efforts) is Spirit.

Michael said...

Richard, thanks for the great interpretation of the Trojan Horse! You might look into the concept of the Tetragrammaton for inspiration - far more than just a word with 4 letters, but a "4 Square" concept that shows up over and over again in the apocalypse: 4 horsemen, 4 sides of New Jerusalem, 4 elders, 4 faces (ox, eagle, lion, and man) of one being.

Cheers, Michael

Jon Kidd said...

Hello Micheal, thanks for the link here. God damn that's quite a thought. This really helps allot with this topic of the brain. I mean think about Salomon and splitting of the baby as well. Destroying the temple to force the truth? I dunno. All I do know is I'll be referencing this wonderful little post mango.

Take care in 2010 Micheal!

Michael said...

Jon - that splitting of the baby myth was one of my favorites as a kid! Thanks so much for the comment. In order to enter the Temple, one must pass through and beyond the twin lobes of dualistic thought, which might be called "splitting the baby".

Thanks again, and you have a great 2010!

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