Dec 31, 2009

Perfect Timing

“Hey coach, what time is it?“ “You mean right now?” --Yogi Berra

Thoughts always turn to time at the turn of the new year - retrospectives, predictions and resolutions. Like Janus/Saturn, we sit on the cusp of a new beginning, looking both backwards and forwards in time over a new year, decade, century and millennium.

Even the heavens lend a certain gravity to the occasion, with this new year falling on a Blue Moon, accompanied by a lunar eclipse.

Over the last decade, the red glow of the digital clock radio has become a constant companion and even Oracle. Entire websites have been created out of the magical 11:11 (double H) that we all see from time to time. I’ve been seeing a lot of 1:44, and 11:44, 4:14, 4:41, etc. this year. That’s a reference to the infamous 144,000 of St. John’s mushroom Revelation, AKA 12 x 12, or 12:12 in clock radio language. AKA December 2012, the ending/reboot of the Mayan long count. I remember how mushroom eating Jeff Fairhall was certain that the galactic intelligence we call Creator would insist on making himself known to everyone on the planet by 2012. A cosmic deadline.

Var and I spent Christ Mas at the family cabin on Hood Canal - the spiritual center of my universe. We had wonderful weather, a full week of brilliant son/sunshine, and it was interesting how the constellation of Orion sat front and center in the night sky - Lord of the heavens, so to speak. We even passed a Delorean time machine on the road. On Christmas Eve we partied, drank, smoked and talked late into the evening, and when we finally made it to bed, the ancient Zenith brand clock radio light was blinking at me, needing a reset.

I thought woah. Pyramidal capstones and lighting bolts, all wrapped into one tidy logo!

I turned that damned black box over and over in my hands, trying to find the Time Reset button. I felt like a monkey, turning it over with no real understanding! Finally, I see a hidden panel! I flip it up to reveal the “hidden knowledge” of the Cosmic Cube, and I reset the time! Christ if only.

But the most amazing thing about the clock was that it was stamped with a manufacturing number:

And suddenly the lightning bolt hit, and I realized that for this clock, it is ALWAYS 1:44, or 12:12. The eternal singularity of NOW! The one and only miniscule fraction of spacetime that Saturn doesn’t rule. In fact, Saturn is actually MADE by the Now Mfg Co., China.

Maybe it is always 2012, and I just need to open the hidden door.

Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with me. --Rev 3:20

Happy New Year, everyone. May this be your year to make contact.


Doug said...

happy new year, Michael

{word verification: tru tous)

Michael said...

Thanks Doug. Back at ya.

ViølatoR said...

Happy belated new year :D

Anonymous said...


I so need to pay more attention to the little things!

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