Dec 1, 2009

Act Up

Today is International AIDS Day. Coincidentally, it is also the day that Var finally got his meds. 01/12/2009 = 11 22 9 = 42.

This image is by Keith Haring, died of AIDS at 31, on 2/16/90. I'll leave the red cross symbolism to you.


Anadæ Effro said...

Ah, yes, Michael, the X character from the Elder Futhark proto-Scandinavian Runic alphabet. Its name is gifu, pronounced gee-foo. It means "gift" but one I was taught (despite what the link sez) to be understood means one due IN KIND, eventually, a reciprocation. This lends itself more to the credence of an intersecting of power or ley lines on an individual level, that follows one throughout one's life. Please, aspiring Rune-casters take note.

Also, I my(s)elf had attended the School of Visual Arts with Mr. Haring well before he had reached iconic status amongst the clinging throngs of the self-congratulatory intelligentsia of the Downtown NYC art elite.

Speaking of AIDS & meds, please see my current guest blog, here, supplied me by my fellow individual sovereigntists, Vampire Lezbos, who've been grinding out some excellent righteous Political Str8 Edge now for GODS how many years?!

A Runemeister in my own "rite",
Anadæ Effro (•8-D}

Michael said...

Hi Anadae - is there anyone you don't know? ;-)

Thanks for the guest blog post via Health Ranger. Var has been very into Mike Adams for a long time, so a funny synch. I'm personally rather convinced that AIDS was made in a lab, and the infamous "Patient 0" was simply a red herring scapegoat, sort of the Osama Bin Laden of the AIDS crisis. It's all worked out rather well for the pharmaceuticals - almost as IF they had a hidden eugenics agenda.

That said, I'll even take pills from the Devil if they'll keep Var alive. Moral stands are awkward things for the very sick.

DarkStar888 said...

Hi folks. Like your blog here Michael.

I noticed you like Symbolism. Based on the letter X, here are some interesting comments...

X – Hex – Sex – Vex – Tex – Mex

What follows the letters V and W, is the letter X. The X is made from the 2 intersecting lines of the zodiac circle that is symbolic of the 4 seasons. This is the shape within the light beam that really perpetuates in our thoughts, the passage of time. The seasons are passing.

Furthermore, this X shape is the hourglass, another simple form (another symbol of Freemasonry), that instills within us the passage of time.

From this shape we further get the term, the hourglass figure of a woman’s body. The term X RATED is derived from these intersecting lines. Try TRIPLE XXX. I wonder how that’s supposed to move us? All this is pleasurable and sensuous stuff, but I don’t appreciate the fact that the serpent mind is trying to manipulate me through this symbolism. This word intersecting is also the source of the word SEX, as mentioned before, from the sound of intersection. Broken down it looks like inter-SEX-SUN. All this sexual energy is amplified by having the VW (the destabilizing letters) placed immediately before the X in the order the alphabet is written.

Of course, it’s up to our teachers in grade school, to indoctrinate us in this sex ritualism.

Repeat after me, we hear, over and over again. It doesn’t take long and soon we’re so totally entranced with stupidity, anything can be suggested and we believe it.

More X words which helps to understand the sigil thought combined with a shape are HEX – EXCITE – EXHILERATE – EXPEL – EXTREME and so on.

A recent blockbuster TV show was called the X-Files. This whole show was based on the story of the Egyptian god Isis and Osiris, and the sun god Horus. Have a peek at the YouTube video for a compelling breakdown of the symbolism employed.

Just the title made people pay attention.

DarkStar888 said...

Oh, mentioned the Red Cross Symbolism. How about this...

CARE – The Implementation of Hypnotic Control.

It seems so right to CARE… however, the religions of the world CARE … passionately … according to the Laws of God and the Love of God … BUT – THERE’S NO SUCH THING AS GOD! So what’s going on? There’s a luciferian Light Bringing egregore group of Thinkers who have conjured up a massive light illusion where the concept of CARING is promoted by the elite families of the world.

The RED CROSS is a Rockefeller organization. The Salvation Army and their RED SHIELD APPEAL is a Rothschild (or RED SHIELD – Thor’s Child) corporation.

We’re manipulated into performing acts of CARING, when in reality, the intellectual and religious systems of the world are conjuring up the 3 dimensionals systems of disease, sickness and death, and then, through the elite corporations that serve this luciferian Mindset, they go about asking the population of the world to FIX THE PROBLEMS through CARING for one another.

Of course, this is an illusory world and consists of only Light manipulation, and is impossible to fix!

and this...

OPRAH WINFREY – the real 1st Lady of the USA. Announced that she’ll be leaving her talk show after 25 years. The number 25 is obviously symbolic, signifying 1/4 of a century. This also relates to 1/4 of a Circle, and coincides with 1/4 of the Light Beam Atom symbol illustrated on this site. 25 is the Cornerstone that the luciferian agenda is built upon. As with everyone on this planet, we are all conjured up illusory forms fulfilling the plan of the Thought Process, and Oprah, like all of us in the trance, have not the slightest inkling of the role we play. Oprah is a charming, personable lady, however, that doesn’t take away from how she is being used and manipulated by the luciferian Mindset.

Oprah Winfrey owns a licensing company called Oprah Winfrey Licenscing = OWL or OWL – the All Seeing Eye.

When she moves to Los Angeles in 2011, she’ll be establishing the Oprah Winfrey Network = OWN = NOW = NWO or New World Order.

Once again, a major personality is following Route 66 / Route Sicks Sicks – from Chicago to LA.

Devin said...

Thanks for this Michael -I was actually at the clinic on the day itself -and was thinking about all of the people the virus slaughtered until the new meds came online in the mid to late 1990s-I had to laugh when you asked Anadae that -I agree is there anyone you don't know Anadae? -I am saying that as a friend obviously but I find you such an interesting character with all of the contacts you have
all the best to you and Var Michael!!

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