Dec 5, 2009

Apollyon Rising 2012

Finally. The 2012 hysteria machine is really getting into gear.

BTW, your Apollyon Gym membership renewal is past due. Please remit at once to avoid Armageddon.

The Abysmal Fitness Team


Anadæ Effro said...

Michael! Thank you for this. It's going on my Christmas list. As for the Apollyon Gymn membership? That's deserving of this Catholic Portugeuse Monsignor & his acolyte ….here.… all I can say is, "Yikes!" ~ A.E. (•8-D

Michael said...

Did you see the pic of the author? I haven't seen eyebrows like that since Kruschev! I do think it would make a great gay porn title. Starring Brazilians in Catholic drag, of course.

DarkStar888 said...

Too funny...I love this Don't think I'll buy the book anytime soon though!

Anthony said...

This book is pretty good. I thought it was interesting because it introduced to me the concept of transgenics and transhumanism being tied into the mark of the beast. I also think that the book presented a good argument for the beast that rises from the bottomless pit, who was, was no more, than is again as Apollo as stated in the NT. Tom Horn is always interesting to listen to and read, at least I think so. The introduction is by Chris Pinto, who writes some profound things about the Masonic groundings of the United States and the not so Christian founding fathers. I believe the concept behind the 2012 in the title was indeed to catch the wave of hysteria regarding that year's potential. I know I sound like a commercial for this book, but I really did like it.

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