Dec 6, 2009

Twenty Helens Agree

I've been grooving on apocalypse "literature" lately. This cover is a classic: Twenty experts explain it all for us. The bio-hazard sign over the Borg green background, DNA spiral helix all crowned by a mushroom/ring/bomb. This is how Cosmic Consciousness is perceived by ego.

Everybody run, the homecoming queen's gotta gun!

Downtown Julie Brown - before MTV.

She did it for Johnny

Note: At the very end, you just KNOW it was the drag queen who took her tiara.


JB said...

Hey Michael, JB (Achilles) here.

I know I've been absent in words, but not in thoughts. I've checked up on your findings at least 4 or 5 times a week, I simply don't have much to say about anything these days. The entire world seems to be a train-wreck in slow motion, and it's both fascinating and exasperating to watch.

I'm sorry to hear about your life partner the other day, I had no idea he had AIDS. But then again, everyone is dying of something in the Iron Age, it's sad to think that the best one can hope for is the gradual and inevitable decay of time, instead of something more sudden.

But fear not, an unimaginable new Golden Age is upon us! As with physical death, all that is separating us from eternal life is a very troublesome transition. It's like removing a band-aid, would you prefer it quick and painful or slow and even more painful? ;)

Tell yourself that at least you've captured your moment of love that will last forever, while mine is now married to another man, probably pregnant and indifferent to my fate happily ever after.

Peace and good luck, the Divine man of bronze and your friend all-ways, JB.

Michael said...

Hi JB! Thanks for commenting. I think that was the worst pep talk anyone has ever given me! :-) Perfect.

Esperanto Grrl said...

Ah, back in the days when school shootings were funny!

Michael said...

EG - exactly. Couldn't exactly make this one after Columbine, could they?

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