Dec 7, 2009

Remember, Remember the Seventh of December

Today is the anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor - the "911" of WWII. Probably don't want to go too far down that rabbit hole.


Grey said...

Hey Mike. This doesnt have to do with the current post, I'm sorry, but with your Collider post. I think you should check out these recent articles....

Michael said...

THanks Grey, I'll check them out - already seen the "something may come through" article.

BTW, V's best friend Bob was born today - in 1941. The REAL reason it was a day of infamy. ;-)

DarkStar888 said...

Hi Michael. Here are a few more symolisms for #7.


The number 7 brings with it unique characteristics. Some can be evidenced in the number 5 and the symbolism of the 5 pointed star. The triangle, circle and square can all be drawn without lifting the pen from the paper. All odd numbered stars can also be drawn in this way. Again, these nuances may seem trivial, but when considering that this is a powerful number in the manipulation of humanity, it’s probably best to look at why its so strong. The number 7 represents completion. It symbolically represents the touching of, or manipulation of the wisdom state, using the illusory body of humanity.

This number also includes some word/sound manipulation. For instance seven sounds like heaven. We use the term seventh heaven. This is no coincidence. SEVEN also sounds like ELEVEN. 7 represents completion and perfection, however, it links in a subliminal sound and shape fashion to 11, which is the number of DEATH. The completion and perfection associated with 7 in this instance, is that of a PERFECT and COMPLETE DEATH. The death in question, is the death of any real connection to, or awareness of, WISDOM and REALITY.

The Rothschild family is one of the main driving forces behind the illuminati / Moriah Conquering Wind agenda, working to further the blueprint of the luciferian THINKING entities. One of their younger generation, David Mayer de Rothschild, now 29 years old, (who will be 33 in 2012) has written a handbook detailing 77 Essential Skills to deal with combating global warming.

It just so happens that the sun spot activity was in its lowest 11 year activity cycle on 7/7/7. The earth was also at its most distant position from the sun on 7/7/7. It was, you could say, a double death for the sun. Now, I’m going to ask you to consider the word Sun, when speaking of these Sun Spots and Distance from the earth.

Michael said...

Or... the "perfect death" may involve an ego death. That's what the sacrifice on the cross is all about - a sacrifice, or death, of your own ego, so that your true Self may be born again. Kinda like the sun at winter equinox. Those entheogen eating shamans knew how to choose some powerful symbols, eh?

I personally try not to let a symbol be overly controlled by another entity, be it the church or the Rothschilds. Even the swastika is just another solar symbol. Symbols don't kill people, people wearing symbols kill people.

I guess that's why I love the bible. Yes, it's controlled and manipulated, but it's also a product of mushroom wisdom. The trick is to find the mushroom wisdom inside - reading between the lines of my own soul.

Cheers, Michael

Michael said...

Oops, meant winter solstice, not equinox.

Anonymous said...

That's a super hot car.


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