Dec 9, 2009

Red Star Active

Picked up some Red Star brand Active Dry Yeast at the market today, and came back to find this gem - from Red Dawn 2010. Unfortunately, I doubt if we can rely on the People's Liberation Army to do our job for us.

Obligatory gay porn synch:


Devin said...

Haha I will take the "Red Stag" any day:-) yummy!!
all the best to you and Var Michael -and I will try to get more caught up soon
have really been having 'super-anxiety' now that the 'case' haha-sinister laugh the 'case' draws ever nearer
and the other day we found out that it can still be 3 to 5 months out from the hearing to find out if you have won or not!
It's like mom said-"They want people to die on them during the process,"
all the best to you both!!

Michael said...

Oh wow, Dev, hang in there! Anxiety is the worst. I haven't yet caught up on the latest at MFM, even thought the Gnostic subject is one of my favorites.

Some good news: Var is feeling better. :-)

Cheers, Michael

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