Jan 1, 2010

The Double Edged Sword

Danish police have shot and wounded a Somali man who tried to break into the home of a cartoonist whose 2005 drawings of Prophet Muhammad outraged Muslims around the world.

Intelligence authorities said the 28-year-old suspect was armed with an axe and knife when he attempted to enter the home of cartoonist Kurt Westergaard in the eastern city of Aarhus on Friday.

They say the pen is mightier than the sword, or in other words, it is a powerful weapon. If I’m in favor of the right of free speech, wouldn't it logically follow that I’m in favor of the right to freely bear arms, and axes? Or if I’m in favor of gun control, should I not be even more in favor of word control? What about free speech that incites violence? Is the speaker to be held responsible for his speeches? In the Court of God, would Rush Limbaugh be held at least partially responsible for a hate crime done under his “influence”? What about the speeches of Presidents, goading entire nations on to war? Or cartoonists?

I’m just sayin... if you make an attack, either by pen or axe, be prepared.


The Quark Observer said...

#1 Sin don't judge others. Think about it.

Michael said...

Funny how "judge not" is so often used in a judgmental way.

Freedom of expression is very threatening to some, mostly to those who's belief system is wrapped up in various morality codes - and when push comes to shove, everyone has a morality code - even gay hustlers.

When that freedom is expressed as a deliberate attack on a belief system, things get nasty pretty quickly. Personally, I prefer a more oblique approach, but to each his own.

JB said...

I will have a new (very brief) post on my blog about an hour from now. Your input would be appreciated as all-ways.

Anthony said...

This story highlights the differences between true Christianity and other religions. I'm glad, truly thankful that Jesus doesn't need me to go kill someone who said something nasty about Him. Vengeance is Mine says the Lord. I am not willing that one should be lost. All have come short of the glory of God, so no one is perfect in God's eyes. If only there were some way to reach these backward people with the Truth and not let war profiteers use it as an excuse to murder families in the name of Jeezus. If I love you and you love me, we don’t need a government to protect us from the boogey man.

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