Jan 31, 2010

Flying Fish

Seattle is famous for a few things: jet airplanes, the Space Needle, Nirvana, the Battle in Seattle, and fish tossing. Fish tossing? Yep - the famous Pike Place Market fish mongers - who pitch fish like baseballs.

A leopard fish?

A Pike is a type of fish, and it is also the name of Star Trek’s Captain Christopher Pike. Pike is also a name with some Masonic cred: Albert Pike.

Captain Pike - he was the first captain of the Enterprise (the “pilot”), and the one who recruited Kirk/Dionysus into Star Fleet. Which makes him almost like a “father” to Dionysus, doesn’t it? Or more accurately, a predecessor. The Dagon fish-gods are the predecessors of all our solar gods, so how perfect to have Pike “relieved” of duty by Captain Tiberius Kirk (“Roman church”). The Seattle Pilots were the predecessor of the Mariners. They who pitch.

The Dagon Gods were said to arrive by flying chariot, or in modern mythic archetype, UFO. In other words, flying fish. Interesting how the flying fish/UFO’s were seen around Mt. Rainier, back in the day. And just recently we had a flaming "flying fish" sighting - in New Found Land:

"It appeared to come out of the ocean," she told CBC News. "It was like it was in the middle of the bay."

I think maybe I should put out some landing lights in the backyard? Perhaps something that can be “seen from space”...

Here’s the Google map image of my backyard... seen from space. If the Google can see the little hydroplane (a flying fish?) in the back, I figure Dagon fish god aliens could see things even tinier. Hmmm.


David Stewart said...

Michael - Yes, the Pike name referencing Albert Pike; I always wondered if it was intentional. It does carry with it the sense of "the master". Christopher is partly derived from Christos and the "Fish" last name also doubly reinforces the hint. So your identification as Kirk being the Kirk that followed is really loaded... I wonder how that would play out if it were facing the message from the Deep Space 9 . . .
The character of Pike had a more regal presence than Shatner as well; perhaps a bit more like more Picard, and I wonder how such a series would have actually played out. Some of our alternate timeline selves got to see such a series i imagine :)

PS: you identify Pike as a pitcher; does that mean you meant to infer that Kirk was a catcher?? ;0

The Quark Observer said...

I did a post about Christopher Pike cause his real name is Jeffrey Hunter and my real name is (first & Middle) Christopher Hunter. Honestly I love the pilot episode, it speaks volumes. I know it sounds like Star Trek blasphemy ,but I prefer him over Kirk. Said on wiki the dude died at 42, damn that's young.

PS Ever seen the "flying rods"?

Anadæ Effro said...

Yeah, man, exactly WTF is that shit rocketing outta the sea? Damn! Posted elsewhere, Invisible Residents already, authored by the world(s) explorer & cofounder of SITU, the New Jersey HQ for the Society for the Investigation of the Unexplained, the late, great Ivan T Sanderson, implies that there's a suboceanic civilisation that at least is as old as ours, that they evolved concurrently with us, & that these mysterious UMOs (unidentified marine objects) are instances in which us land dwellers actually have access to witnessing their might in action. Hey, that's cool with me, man.

Also, I viewed the pilot for ST as superiour to there official outing. Kirk also means Church, dude. What? No hyperlinks this time? hey, i'm fookin' lazy to-day. Cheers.

Have a great week, everyone,
Anadæ Quenyan Effro ~ (•8-D

Michael said...

David - nice to hear from you! I note that in the wikipedia entry about Pike, the alternate reality episode "Mirror, Mirror" has Kirk assassinating Pike to take control of the Enterprise, which nicely echoes the way the Greco/Roman Gods tended to kill their predecessors.

Pitching, catching... :-). I was thinking more of a pitch man for a religion.

QA - Ooh, good synch! 42? Isn't that the Zeus number?

Anadae - Atlanteans? That's wild. I was just telling Var about Nemor, the King of comic Atlantis, and how he not only LOOKS like Spock (but more buff) he is also an Atlantean(or Dagon?)/human crossbread! The Man From Atlantis was played by Christopher Duffy - another Christ/Cross name.

Anadæ Effro said...

Hah! Funny, Michael. You rock. Okay, okay, here's this post's hyperlink … a merman, buff, waiting & willing & able-bodied … and definitely a catcher, I'd venture! ~ (•8-o

The Quark Observer said...

@ Michael, a lot of syconuts say its the rainbow number but a rainbow is from 40% to 43%. I tried to explain that to a few of the bloggers ,but they like many people choose to not change.

Here is my post about rainbows:

David Stewart said...

Thanks Michael - I'm up to commenting again so hopefully you'll allow me a word here and then . . .
but please don't think for a moment that I had stopped reading!

Michael said...

Anadae - ahh, the inimitable Ismael Alvarez. That would be a catcher in the wry. ;-)

QO - I read the rainbow post, thanks! I remember now: 42 resembles the sign for tin, and Jupiter.

David - excellent!

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