Jan 8, 2010

We Three Kings

Some Mormon missionary boys came by the house yesterday, inquiring into my “walk with the Lord”. The terriers were over-the-top yappie, which gave a great excuse to bugger off, never mind that they weren’t even cute. Though I almost DID want to chat, mostly about last year’s discoveries about the entheogenic origins of the LDS (nice synch with LSD, btw).

And how that linked Joseph Smith to the Gnostics and back even further to the Dionysus Mystery cults, and also to the Shamanic pharmacological tradition in the New World, from which Joe got his start. I’m sure they would have loved it! But I thought better of it. Before they left, they handed me their pamphlet:

“The Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ”

I figure Joe was on the right track, but his visions were quickly subverted by the usual suspects. However, his thesis was correct - the Christ, the magic mushroom of Cosmic Consciousness, visited the New World as well as the old. The Gospel means “Good News”, and it dawns on me that the early gospel was most likely “literally” an entheogenic plant - a plant that opens the pineal gland stargate. Perhaps the commandment to spread the Gospel was a commandment to spread the mushroom spore?

Here’s a pic of from the same Mormon pamphlet, with Joe being anointed into the Melchizedek Priesthood by the Apostles Peter, James and John. Might not these Apostles be representing three entheogenic plants? Three “kings”? Curiously, Joseph Smith incorporated Amanita Muscaria, Peyota and Datura into his “worship”.

No story of Christ’s birth is complete without the three Magi and their three gifts: gold, frankincense and myrrh. Is it possible that these three precious “spices” represent the substances one must ingest in order to meet the “three wise men”?

Jeff Fairhall was convinced that the true sacrament was a blend of three entheogens. Coincidentally, Var’s miracle-working anti-viral pills are Norvir, Reyataz and Truvada - the “Holy Trinity” according to Richard, our social worker.

To me, the "Restoration of the Gospel" is the restoration of plant entheogens to their rightful place - the Gate of Heaven - the Crown of Enlightenment.

I am coming soon. Hold on to what you have, so that no one will take your crown. --Rev 3:11


Christopher Knowles said...

You can't discount the exogenesis factor when discussing the LDS, either. It all connects, in some strange way I can't quite grasp. I've got some very juicy LDS morsels vis a vis ET that I'll be posting soon.

Michael said...

ET = entheogen tea. :-)

Are you thinking that the voyage to a "new world" via a self-propelled "boat" might be analogous of a much greater journey? Makes me wonder just where these mushroom spores are originally from...

Cheers, Michael

Anonymous said...

GeorGe Looney dips his bares souls into the water aboard the Three Dog Night.


Anonymous said...

Interesting ideas here. But, oh, I so wish you had toyed with the Mormon boys!

JediTheOne said...

Riverwolf, said...
"Interesting ideas here. But, oh, I so wish you had toyed with the Mormon boys!"

Too funny River. I mess with them everytime they come to my door. You know how most people won't answer the door even or trys to cut the conversation short. The Mormans are always trying to talk longer to keep you interested?

Well, I do the opposite. Yep I fully engage them in conversation & challenge ever statement they make. Oh it's too funny...they are trying to run away after about 4 mins of this brutal truth I cast at them about things that they are more in shock about than disblief.

This one man kept saying that if I have FAITH in Jesus I can save myself. WTF? Why do I need to have FAITH in J to save MYSELF, so I asked? I just need faith then you say? "Yes" he replied politely. So I asked, "if I wished for a Million $ in Gold to fall right in my back yard by having FAITH...can that happen too? He said "of couse not". I said my point exactly! So your faith is a different? A Faith that one can HEAL on and powerful enough to CURE THE ILLS OF THE WORLD Moron but I can't wish for money? Etc... By this time he was all fucked up and wanted ruuunnn away. lol

I find that I never get the same ones ever comming back to my house. lol

Nuff Said!

Anthony said...

I only get their cousins the Jehovah Witnesses, or at least I did once. I don't think they like me. In Peter Lavinda's book "Sinister Forces-The Nine: A Grimoire of American Political Witchcraft" (Bk. 1), there is one or two chapters on Joseph Smith and his ties to the occult. At the top,the Mormons are just a copy of the Masonic religion or Mystery Babylon if you think about it.

Michael said...

Anthony - "At the top,the Mormons are just a copy of the Masonic religion or Mystery Babylon if you think about it."

Same as Catholicism and even American "Voodoo" Fundamentalism - all facets of the same ancient Babylonian religion.

Green Man said...

As a former Mormon of 22 years I can tell you that they are seriously jacked up. I even served a two-year mission myself to Africa. They indeed to base much of their temple ceremonies and other rituals on masonic handshakes and phrase words.

They wear magic underwear that is supposed to protect them from evil. However, being plain white t-shirts and long-legged boxer briefs it's more likely that it protects them from awesome sex. Ha!!

Trust me, they aren't sexy to say the least and the women have to wear their bras OVER the white t-shirt!!

Their religion (like many) is a pyramid scheme and they strongly believe in imprinting kids and others to the point of it being borderline brainwashing. I could go on and on. If you want to know more than you would ever want to know about the LDS, email me:


Michael said...

GM - I believe you. Have you seen the movie Latter Days? A great gay film that shows the Mormon Church in all its hypocritical glory.

I do admit to a certain fascination with the Book of Mormon and how it was almost certainly a result of Joe eating magic mushrooms. Of course, he was quickly killed and the LDS got down to the usual church business. If Jesus existed, he was probably much like Joe - a mushroom crazed prophet who was quickly turned into profit.

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