Jan 16, 2010

Twin Wrasslin'

I had a wonderful/horrible lesson (yet another one) into the WICKED power of imagination this week. It was via a “client” synchromystically named Thomas (the twin). Thomas had hired me to do a drawing of his dream boat, and this was last November, when Var got really sick and I suddenly went into panic/caregiver mode, and basically I stopped returning calls and emails from everyone, including Thomas.

Thomas had not heard much from me for almost two months, and he finally called yesterday to see what was up, and shortly the conversation devolved into shouting and Thomas calling me a liar and a thief, which believe it or not only happens occasionally.

Since he hadn’t heard from me, he imagined the worst, which was that I was “stealing” his fabulous idea (ahem), and brushing him off. Over the month he imagined all kinds of things about me, to the point where he believed his imagination idea of me more than well... me. Even sent me synchronistic, circumstantial “proof“ of my double dealing, tying a (non gosporn) blog post of mine to one of his ”ideas“. To him, the truth sounded like a ridiculous lie.

So to get back, I imagined all kinds of wicked thoughts about Thomas, the drug dealing crook!!

And I realized that Thomas was simply showing me a mirror of my conspiranoid self. I see the actions of all the various “villains” (George Bush, Obama, Prince William, Lady Gaga...?), and not being privy to their innermost thoughts and secret meetings, I make shit up. Just like Thomas did about me.

This year is the year I finally accept that “conspiracy” is just the first degree of the synchronicity tracing board. Obama is no more conscious of his actions than I am. We are all puppet/actors of a Higher Consciousness, and Free Will is an Illusion.

Thank the fucking God. Time to relax.


James Ratte said...


Devin said...

I really can't say anymore to this than James Michael-Bravo!!
the only thing i will add is that i had somewhat of an intimation of this same thing-(about the conspiracy stuff) only my thoughts were much more jumbled and uneloquent than yours- the word/phrase "meat puppets" kept coming to mind-it isn't the Kissingers, Bushes,Obamas,the Queen haha, who are the real masters -we are all merely players on some stage that we-or at least i don't understand-at times i get faint glimmerings-but that is a far as it goes
maybe the way out of this "matrix" -i hate to keep using that word because i don't mean to refer to the movie-is when enough people "wake up" from this mind numbing sleepwalk that most people (including me-tho i am trying to stop it) do thru life.
about your "Thomas" episode-it reminded me somewhat of the serious "projecting" I was doing with my horrible neighbors last night-all the best to you and Var!!

Michael said...

Thanks for the comments. "Meat puppets" - ha!

JediTheOne said...

Great job Michaal. You nailed it, and I'm serious. :)

We live in a 3D Illusion and we are influenced by thoth entities. The odd part though...is we created the entities, the illusion. we are all ONE. From ONE source of energy with infinite resources & personas!

Yep. Mankind was basicly doomed to begin with. We are an experiement, a thought! Imagine, thousands of years as Human Beings on this planet and all we accomplished is more greed, death, money and distruction. Basically mankind has be at war (none-peace)in some way for approx 97% of our known recored history. Therefore a fucking 97% FAILURE RATE. Do you think this is God's Fucking grand design. I think not. This a Luciferian Thought Form that controls us all. You are right.

Not only that...the Elite are the most manipulated of all. They think they know things, no they are more in the dark than many of us. The difference is they have been ingrained with a purpose of mankind (a false purpose) and they abide by the laws of nature.

Even though I feel we have failed badly as a brainwashed, mind fucked race, the NWO can be changed and Paraidise regain. Not kidding. I'm here to help, to explain, to share or whatever you call it. Myself & Darkstar spend many hours reseraching the Dark Side which is the good side sort to speak. There is no right and wrong, or good and bad, or god and devil...it's all made up. You can manifest whatever you want. Yes even change your present movie.

One more piece that will help explain a bit better...

"Dumbing Down"

The luciferian agenda is based on intellect, the DUMBING DOWN PROCESS – perpetuated through religion, science and magic. These three are synonamous and together form the luciferian doctrine of SATANISM, which is the ENLIGHTENMENT, or manifestation of knowledge. Since there is no such thing as an actual Satan, the THOUGHT PROCESS, conjured up the LIGHT, or ENLIGHTENMENT, and every DIVISION within the 3D experience. Yet again, more clearly stated, Satanism is DUALITY. Satanism is luciferianism, and is the LIGHT BRINGER, and therefore is the concept of the creator God. This fabricated notion of a creator God manipulates the masses into an even deeper hypnotic state. Today, this deeper hypnotic TRANCE state has surpassed what religion and science had accomplished hypnotically through the centuries, and especially in the last few decades.

The reptilian brain obsessed thinkers have conjured up the notion of marrying science and spirituality. Though the implication is constantly presented that intellectualism is somehow an advancement in wisdom, in reality, it is the process of absolute disconnection from reality and wisdom.

Let me know if you have any questions? :)

Nuff Said!

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