Jul 7, 2010

Seven Eleven World Cup

Sunny Spain is getting plenty of top level sporting attention this year. First, the 33rd America Cup was held in Valencia, famous for their oranges (solar symbol - remember that "a breakfast without orange juice is like a day without sunshine", thank you Anita, you homophobic bitch). Second, Wimbledon saw Spaniard Rafael Nadal victorious on the lawn, and today (7/7), Spain defeated Germany in the World Cup semi-finals, bringing them to the finals against the Netherlands!

That’s awesome! It’s like Supes (solar hero) vs. Batman (Lord of the underworld). The match is scheduled for 7-11. Since, I believe, that we are currently experiencing a reconciliation of these two archetypes, I will be watching, between the lines, for an example. A secret love affair between opposing team mates, rumored about in the tabloid press would be perfect, but we shall see....

UPDATE 7-9: Well, well, well... gay intelligentsia report that Spain, Netherlands, and South Africa all grant full marriage rights to their LGBT citizens. In fact, they're the only countries competing in the World Cup that do. Click map to engorge.


Devin said...

Fascinating Michael-I would never have thought of it that way -wrt the world cup-Sunny Espana vs The "Nether"lands.
I can't wait to read more of your thoughts on this!!
Haha - had to agree with your comment about "Mommy Dearest" Anita :( I watched "Milk" the other night (i think an interesting synchy name for a gay man? could be going down a wrong path as always) and the movie had many references (and footage) of her and her goosestepping homophobic asshole followers. Until then, I had luckily forgotten about the bitch!!
best as always to you and Var!!
haha not-so-great wv= morown -well I will take my chances and post comment anyway:-)

Michael said...

Ha! Morown could also mean maroon. Marooned on Earth.

We'll see how this World Cup goes... always difficult to tell.

Anita seemed to get her "just desserts". In a way, she played a necessary part in the struggle of gay consciousness, so I can't hate on her too much.

Devin said...

That is a fascinating way to look at it Michael- without the out-and-out undisguised bigotry-stupidity and hatred of these people - I wonder if the struggle for gay rights would have made it so far- as opposed to a world where a calmer less hateful group followed the "love the sinner-hate the sin" types?
thanks for all of this fascinating research you have been doing!!!!!!!

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