Apr 12, 2008

No Honor Among Thieves

Somali Pirates Free French Yacht

The hostages aboard a French vacation yacht off the coast of Somalia have been released. French President Nicolas Sarkozy announced their rescue on Friday, thanking organizations who helped free the 30 hostages from pirates. --Spiegel

This little media frenzy caught my maritime eye today. Yachts are pirated all the time, so this one that manages to call in French President Nicolas Sarkozy and the French army may be special. Maybe ritually special.

Le Ponant (The West) was captured on April 4, and freed on the 11th - seven days. The yacht is 88 meters long, and (very rare for a modern sailboat) was a three masted schooner. Three masts sync with Jake Kotze’s pillarmids of Egypt, or perhaps a trinity of some kind. Of the 30 crew/hostages, 22 of them were French.

The yacht’s owner agreed to pay a $2 million ransom for the release of the yacht, and once it was freed, the French military attacked the pirates with helicopter gunships, killing 3. Way to go.

I have no idea how to read this little nautical tea leaf, so I'm asking the syncroweb for thoughts. To begin, the yacht represents “The West”, which seems a good place to start.


aferrismoon said...

Osiris is considered the God of the Westerners.
30 = L = Justice card
Pirates v Terrorists , the Sea v the Land[Terra]. How long before Terrorists become's acceptable as a team name
22 - another Living Tarot.
And the 3 'masts' on Calvary

Christopher Loring Knowles said...

I think it's a premonition of the recolonization of Somalia. Aren't the Ethiopians smashing that place to bits?

wise woman said...

This may be off track, but you never know. In Jokers Wild part 2, Todd Campbell showed an Australia Day banner which was displayed in New York at the time of Heath Ledgers death. At the bottom corner it said 'presented by Westfield'.

Because of a comment by Aferrismoon (in his latest article) about the foundations of Freedom Tower at Ground Zero & your mention of the name of the boat meaning 'West', I thought I'd copy & paste the comments I left with Todd back in Feb.

The Westfield Group is an Australian company that claims to be the largest retail property group in the world by equity market capitilisation - basically it's a shopping centre giant.
It owns & operates shopping centres in Australia, NZ, USA & UK.
It either builds from scratch or aggressively acquires & revamps existing mall properties, aiming at wealthier consumers.
The first centre opened in Blacktown, Sydney in 1959.

It is still chaired by one of its two founders, Frank Lowy, a Hungarian Jew and Australia's second richest man. He is a "Companion of the Order of Australia" & is member of the Reserve Bank of Australia.
In May 2007, he faced an Israeli police investigation over a corruption scandal involving Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. The charges were dropped.

In May 2001 Westfield paid US$127 million for a 99 year lease on the retail area beneath the World Trade Centre in New York.
In Sept 2003 they received US$17.3 million as part of an insurance payout & in Dec 2003 they sold their interest to the Port Authority.
On 7 Jan this year they signed a Letter of Intent with those same Port Authorites to acquire an interest in the retail premises at the WTC site.
They will invest up to US$625 million in development costs.

Their appearance on the Australia Day banner in New York can perhaps be seen to have more sgnificance.

Michael said...

Thanks for the syncs. Westfield does seem to have a shadow about it. We have one around here - the Westfield Southcenter Mall. I'll go check it out to see if they're installing a black and white checkerboard theme. ;-)

The sun boat/chariot sets in the West, I recall that was the direction of the "undying lands" that LOTR elves are sailing to. Dorothy liberates the West with a pail of water. Not much else, I'm afraid. Perhaps destined to be another unsolved maritime mystery...

Just Me said...

At the time it happened - April 4 - I noticed the following:

April 4 was Heath Ledger's birthday. Heath is being replaced in his last movie (Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus) by Johnny Depp, the legendary pirate Jack Sparrow.

Michael said...

Wow, that's good.

Just Me said...

Wasn't looking for it, but I just ran across a comic book series called Fear Agent, which may be relevant. It stars the "rugged alcoholic Texas spaceman" Heath Huston. He often fights space pirates.

This should get the synchromystic antennas twitching:

"Heath’s adventures take readers on monthly jaunts to brave new worlds overrun by jellyfish brains, wild ape-men and rickety robots bent on intergalactic domination!"

All of those have been recent topics of discussion in this community.

Newspaceman said...

What struck me Michael was that, per the link, the vessel was designed to hold 64 but only held thirty.

64 is the number of squares on a chessboard.

Thus, perhaps, we have 34 squares remaining. Look at the number of the athlete at number 10 downing street with the Olympic Torch, again, 34.

Also, 33 x 34 = 1122, reverse those numbers for the date of the Kennedy assassination.

Perhaps the chessboard helps clarify the 3 masts sync bearing in mind the freemasonic tracing board.

30 crew, 22 French, 8 left. 8 over 30 as a fraction is 3 and 3 quarters, ie 334.

This is all part of the ongoing ceremony, maybe ?


ps remember di died on 31/8/97, or maybe 4/8/16.

Newspaceman said...

Michael, sorry, 30 divided by 8.

Plus bear in mind that 88 is 8 x 11.

The numbers all add up.


Michael said...

Just Me: excellent find. HH sounds a lot like GWB! Shoot me.

NSM, I was hoping you'd weigh in, thanks. That's remarkable. It seems like these rituals are best viewed as acts in a play, and often make little sense unless you look at them in sequence, much like Da Vinci's famous codex. Not that I'm all that anxious to figure it out, but it gives me something to do before the aliens land or Will is crowned or both. ;-)

Newspaceman said...

Pirates headed to Paris



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