Apr 13, 2008

Mary D'Macho

Yesterday I read a fascinating bio of Francesco D’Macho, gay porn superstar. If you’ve been a long time reader at Gosporn, you’ve seen Francesco before, the golden jockstrapped muse of the Double H Ranch.

Born a stone’s throw from the Coliseum in Rome, Francesco’s lead a fascinating life. Though he grew up a Catholic Italian boy, he feels betrayed by the church and said he hates the Pope (with ya on that) and that he was interested in Cabalism even B.M. (before Madonna) but what riveted me was his statement that the first time he ever got fucked was while in London - the night that Princess Diana died - August 31, 1997.

Francesco’s a hustler - a glorified prostitute - so he syncs with Mary Magdalene (yes, he does!) God seems to really like prostitutes. He hooks his son up with one, and way back in Exodus, Joshua and some of his men went to spy out Jericho, and they were able to to stay undercover (smirk) at the house of a Jericho prostitute. Later, she and her family were the only ones Joshua let go after the fall of Jericho. The only ones.

I could read all kinds of syncro-bullshit into the timing of Francesco’s cherry popping, but I’ll let it go. Suffice to say that I was oddly comforted by that little bit of news.


aferrismoon said...

So they went inside Jericho, went 'undercover' with a prostitute and then all the walls came tumbling down.
Love the insistency of - so he syncs with Mary Magdalene [ Yes, he does!]

Atlantean Times said...

I suppose he does...I have long disovled male and female symbolism into one..for every male part their must be a female part in the symbolic sense...

To be honest there are synchs which I am not going to go into which constantly confuse the sex of Jeesy and others from his merry band of goddess seekers...


ah lol my code starts with eve

Michael said...

There's lots to ponder in the bloody tale of Jericho.

Sometimes I look at what I just wrote and I laugh at the absurdity of it, as if I was announcing this on Oprah and imagining the reaction.

But if Ben can find religious archetypes in a pop goddess like Britney Spears, then a gay porn god isn't so far off.

Anonymous said...

There's some Vatican energy on the loose right now. I just watched Godfather 3 last night, and today a friend emailed me an article about the Pope.

He's got a nice ass.


Anonymous said...


Macho's got a nice ass, not the pope.


Anonymous said...

Also, and totally off topic.

I was flipping through my little Taschen Alchemy book and saw that Palm Trees are symbols of Joachim and Boaz, the Masonic pillars. I will scan the picture in a couple days.

Thought you might dig that.


Michael said...

Thanks Thuth. I noticed that the poster advertising this story points to a .au domain: down unduh. Thanks for the palm tree info, seems to fit very nicely with the Winter Garden courtyard/temple.

Yea, Franco's got a nice ass (nice everything), but IMHO, it's not until he turns around that you see him in his full glory.

I was reading a homoerotic story where the guy was so hung his nickname was "tripod", and it made me think because Earth is invaded by tripods in H.G. Well's War of the World. Fear of the phallus?

Anonymous said...

"it's not until he turns around that you see him in his full glory."

I bet. Being straight, though, I'm a little afraid of that. ;)

But having produced Drag Theater in NYC for a number of years, I can also say that many are afraid of the Phallus. I'm always shocked that the most "enlightened intellectuals" are still afraid of the gays.

I won't go into a diatribe about this here other than to say this recent, Man Gets Preggo story has stirred up ALOT of negative ideas on Message Boards that were supposed to be "illuminated". It seems as if the true self comes out when you start talking about sexuality.


Michael said...

Your kidding!! Drag Theater?! You must have seen more bad versions of 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' than I have. I used to hate drag until I started to appreciate the stories (mostly sad) that only a man in a dress can tell.

But yea, phallic shame runs deep. I'm sort of the shame poster boy in that respect, plenty of stories... But I'm getting over it, this blog is part of that, I think.

Anonymous said...

It's true. My wife is one of, if not the, worlds' top Judy Garland impersonator's, and I've seen both good and bad Over the Rainbow.

Hence my personal connection to all things Oz.

She was also BIG in drag theater in San Francisco, and later NYC. I did not hang out with anyone gay until I turned 29 and we started going out.

Then I suddenly had more gay friends than anyone I knew. Friends like Joey Arias, Hedda Lettuce, Sade Pendarvis, Trauma Flintstone and Janet Fly. Talk about jumping from the frying pan and into the fire. Trauma's one of the nominees to lead this year's Pride Parade in San Fran!!! Go Trauma!!

It was quite a scene.

But I've left all that behind for the much more spiritually inclined forests and lakes of Northern Michigan.

"I'm sort of the shame poster boy in that respect, plenty of stories... But I'm getting over it, this blog is part of that, I think."

Growing up straight in a straight world, I can only imagine. I would have to say that from your blog, you've come a long way baby! I wish I could blow you a kiss and make it all disappear. But then it's made you into the person that sees and writes such awesome things. Maybe somewhere over the rainbow, dreams really do come true.

If I ever venture to the Pacific Northwest I will let you know. That said, you will have to do the same should you find yourself in the wilds of Northern Michigan.

Thank you,


kevin lewis said...

so funny you point that out about the palm trees, thuther. i was just talking about this to my girlfriend when we were at the beach the other night when we saw the city's logo on a water tower. i had never heard of this before, but as synchonicites always seem to show, ask a question, get an answer. check out the city's logo here.

Atlantean Times said...

To Kevin..

That is my experience of synchs also...its as if you only have to ask and something will come your way..i have described it to others in exactly those terms..


Anonymous said...

There seems to be a lot of butterfly slaves around these parts.Can the illuminati have there hands in so many gay men's minds? SNAP OUT OF IT! wake up,all this talk about sex is mind control.Everything about the Wizard Of Oz is ILLUMINATI slave programming.If you have a rainbow flag in you're house GET RID OF IT ASAP,it's a control device they have implanted into our community and it has nothing to with PRIDE! it's a tool used to cement mind control over us.SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW is a place you do NOT want to be.That movie and all it's songs are sinister and cast spells on people to make them do CRAZY things.Judy Garland was a slave controlled by the Illuminati (just like Madonna) I think we as a community have had a lot of WRONG ideas.WE LET THEM RAPE OUR MINDS and they know this and do this with the idealized male form, to distract us from the power we as gay men have that can and should destroy them.The dream is over the rainbow is over and freedom can be ours.

Michael said...

Hi Anon, thanks for the comment! I would be the first to agree with you that the Wizard of Oz is a vehicle of occult mind control, and that gay men and women are particularly programmed and manipulated. But I ask, who "invented" the symbol of the rainbow? Not the "Illuminati", unless you want to say that they also wrote the entire bible and the story of Noah, and I won't go that far.

The Illuminati are simply very good at rewriting the mythic archetypes in a way that serves their purposes. My thinking is that by studying these archetypes on our own, reading the bible, the Greek classics, etc., we become somewhat inoculated against their "poison apple", so to speak.

Am I to say that sex is evil? Or beautiful men and muscle and cocks? God forbid. I'll agree with you that gay men must have some sort of power, or else they wouldn't be trying so hard to manipulate us and kill us.

Cheers, Michael

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