Apr 9, 2008

C Horses

Last weekend I was aimlessly browsing on purpose in a bookstore when I happened across this illustrated children’s book: Seabiscuit vs. War Admiral: The Greatest Horse Race in History. This match race (on 11/1/38) has been the subject of two movies and many books (none of which I’ve seen) but what caught my eye was a drawing of the silks:

Note the Templar resonating red and white with the grail guardian H emblazoned on a triangle (shield) for Seabiscuit, with War Admiral all dressed up in bee. This horse race became the largest media event of its day, and was, I suspect, an early mediated ritual drama.

Seabiscuit (May 23, 1933—May 17, 1947) was a champion thoroughbred race horse in the United States. From an inauspicious start, Seabiscuit became an unlikely champion and a symbol of hope to many US citizens during the Great Depression. --Wikipedia

Both horses were from the “noble” Man o’ War bloodline, “brothers”, so to speak. Evoking Enlil and Enki, Cain and Abel. War Admiral was the “favorite son” of the east coast establishment, while Seabiscuit was trained in the West, though he was originally from PARIS, Kentucky, syncing up nicely with Troy.

Another interesting aspect is the maritime echo in the names of both horses and their famous sire (Man of War being a type of ship). It could be said that they represent sea horses, or hippocampi, the charges of Poseidon and a favored symbol of the Merovingians - another “noble” bloodline. See Newspaceman’s Horses for Courses and Aferrismoon’s latest for more sea horse syncs.

In this photo of Seabiscuit, he races as number 5. Which reminds me of another red and white racer about to hit the silver screen: The Mach Five in the Wachowski brothers upcoming Speed Racer movie. Speed’s arch rival is Racer X (his estranged older brother) who drives the black and yellow Shooting Star - no. 9. Speed Racer has more M’s than a bag of M&Ms, the most powerfully maritime and grail signifying letter of all. How perfect that it was produced in Germany at BABELsberg Studios.

Racing’s everything. For my family it isn’t just a sport, it’s way more important than that. it’s like a religion. --Speed Racer Trailer

I have an interesting personal sync to add. When I was growing up, my family would spend the summers at a small waterfront cabin on Hood Canal (dad would stay in the city to work and join us on weekends). Anyway, we had one night I’ll never forget, because it involved three momentous events in a row:

The first was that a bat flew inside the house at dusk, which caused a small panic (we finally shooed it out). The second was an ear-splitting sheet lightning storm the likes of which I’ve never seen since, and the third was that a rundown old fishing boat approached our shoreline in the middle of this strange and stormy night - poaching for oysters (Hood Canal was famous for its oysters).

Oysters hold pearls, and Yahshua (Jesus) speaks of the pearl of great price, which I now take to be a reference to the Holy Grail.

The poachers came within 50 yards of the beach and I could easily read the vessel's name on the bow... the C-Biscuit.


Atlantean Times said...

the entire seabiscuit story like all horse stories was a fix, a scam , a con pick your description..

as you rightly point out the two horses were brothers...and when sea biscuit lost the santa anita he lost it to a horse that was owned by another relation of seabiscuits owner.

every race the horse competed in was hyped and FIXED.

sorry if that hurts anyones feelings but the entire story was a con.

Michael said...

Reminds me of another "horse race" to be run this coming November.

JB said...

I wish I could write as often and as well as you, Michael, but my inspiration has been somewhat impaired since I fell in love with my baby CC.

Michael said...

Hi JB, thanks for reading, always appreciated. Love is always better than writing, even writing about love.

aferrismoon said...

Graet piece, as exciting as the race.
RACER X is voiced by Matthew Fox/
Racing silks are great , theres so much symbolism in them considering their 'lineage'.
See Lord Rosebury's colours, used for Scotlands away football strip. He was a British PM, very rich and successful, married hannah Rothschild and won the Derby.
Connecting to OZ, this week one of the Al-Maktoum brothers bought the biggest breeders in Australia - Oz. from the Irving family I think.

Michael said...

Thanks Moon. Both foxes and wolves lurking around the wikipedia entries for Seabiscuit and Speed Racer. I love your reading of the crests, amazing.

Newspaceman said...

Michael, seabiscuit being number five adds up, given the race date:

11/1/38, 3+8+11 perhaps thus 11111.

See Poe's & The Raven, 29/01/45 thus
11 1 45, thus perhaps 3 4 5 ?


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