Feb 25, 2011

Iron Eyes

Hey, I just got me some new eyeglasses! Call me Laser Eye now. I was no. H40, and after they called my number, I had the new frames adjusted by the helpful green wearing and red haired Costco optical department dude and walked straight into the neighboring electronics/video section and the first thing I “see” is some fight scene from Ironman 2, playing on some HD screen. HD = 84, or H4, or 444. A few minutes later we were standing around Costco, next to the Ironman ‘inversion table’, though the reason we were standing there wasn’t to check out the machine, but to check out the incredibly hot stock boy (man) in aisle 12.
Driving home I saw a Volvo with a 444 in the license plate number. Happened to see this ad winking at me from NBC.com, this afternoon.

The Iron symbol is the famous masculine Northeast pointing arrow, also used for Mars, the red planet, because iron rusts, and is therefore the “red metal”.

It’s also in our blood - it’s what makes it red. Something about the Martian (or Betelgeuse) bloodline or something... Here’s the Volvo logo:

I just wanted to throw this out into the flow right now, it seemed important. I know Ironman has been done to death already, so nothing really new here, it’s just the odd timing, and the insistence.


I hate Ironman (the films) and all the fascist/tech/violence worshipping attitude.

Posted at 8:44.

Robert Downey Jr. does bring a certain intensity to his stare, I admit. Perhaps we are Cylons in disguise, our red eyes scanning, waiting for the activation signal...


Eunus Noe said...
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Ishmael said...

they messed up my new glasses last week, so I'm still in the purple ones that make me, it turns out, over focus. Everyone got a good laugh about that
The new ones are blue, kind of grabbed them on a whim. I specifically asked for glass (tired of plastic lately)
wonder if I'm less conflicted when I ditch the purple?
take care Michael.

Michael said...

"Over focus", ha! I do that too. 4 eyes?

Anonymous said...

hey there!

just posted an article on Lazer Eyes of sorts - Jack Black in Heat Vision.


You'll see some of the linked twitpic urls are all bout 444's too...

thanks for the read/sync!

Devin said...

HI Michael -
here I was thinking of checking in just to say hi but that I probably wouldn't have anything to say other than that
and then guess what???
this in regards to 444 --I have been seeing 444 on the clock so often -pretty much the last 3 months -that night b4 last I was thinking it was becoming a 'phenomenon' with me!!
and then i come over to your wonderful blog and what do I see?? -haha -great stuff!!
I also tend to maybe see it more than other folks would who don't have probs with sleeping as I catch it in the AM a lot too!!
I won't make any promises but I am hoping that FINALLY I can at least stay caught up with blogbuds afte a long time of not really doing anything--I don't know if i will continue to blog myself or not -but that has no bearing on checking out work friends are doing.
I wish you and Var all the best in the world and hope to stop by again soon!!

Michael said...

Thanks James! You've got the name of the moment, BTW.

Hi Dev, thanks for all the comments, always glad to see you. I'm always awake for the 4:44 too, crazy. March should be interesting, comes in like a lion...

Anonymous said...

hey michael!

Thank you so much for the feedback...

For real? People are reading it - and more importantly - it makes some sort of sense to OTHER people?!

Sometimes it feels like I am 'talking' to empty space...

I guess we all are though, right?!

Thanks so much for letting me know - joy x2.

Peace and love, so happy to have found you guys


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