Jun 19, 2011

The True Name of Gawd

You know what drives me crazy is the idea that G*D has a true name. And if you know it, you can then summon the supreme force of the universe and he’ll do your egoic bidding like a happy puppet. I don’t know where this idea that uttering the awesome NAME has awesome power but AFAIK it was the Jews who popularized it, by forbidding its utterance.

Modern voodoo Christians have picked up on this and have conniption fits about the true name of Jesus, which is actually YESHUAH? Apparently the letter “J” is a modern invention and the ending of the word reflects the pagan infiltration of the church to make the true Son into the son of Zeus, who is really Satan, or something...

Of course, even armed as they are with the True Name, we don’t see mountains moving at their command, cool as that would be.

Back in the day, my own ego-death experience included the uttering of the NAME, and lo, it was powerful. Never mind I could have chosen “doorknob” as the NAME and it would have been equally powerful in my altered state of consciousness but for me, the name of Gawd was F-U-C-K. “Holy fuck!” “Fuck me!” Oh God... Fuuuuck!” Mountains (and planets) did indeed move.

So, you know, try not to say the Name in vain and have a little respect. It’s pretty f*cking powerful.


Eleleth ר ק D said...

IHS, ΙΗΣ, ΥΗΣ. "Oh, yes!"

Michael said...

"The moist or fertilising god". Perfect.

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