Nov 4, 2007

Connecting the Twins

The Western facade of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris show twin towers creating an "H", with the Rose Window (divine feminine, black hole power source) in the center. The Rose is guarded by another set of twins on either side. Talk about redundancy, those guardians are serious!

I watched The Empire Strikes Back (for the 900th time...) last night, and I noticed how much Bespin's Cloud City resembles enormous flying mushrooms/Cherubim. See Uncovering the Cherub. Cloud City citizens live smurfily inside the flying "mushrooms". In the Cloud City scene, we can see Paris fleeing Sparta with Helen, (the Grail), and the Spartan Army in hot pursuit. (Again? Yes, again! Maybe boredom is part of the cure.)

Flying monkeys! Run Toto, run!

The cops of Cloud City fly Twin Pod Cloud Cars, bridged by the central power source. The cloud cars signify an "H" when viewed from the top. Cloud City has a pronounced "Emerald City" vibe, I think.

Guards of Emerald City

Patches for the troopers stationed at Cloud City Garrison - 501st Legion. Note the H signifying Tie Fighters. They even have an image of what they protect - the holy hexagon/football/death star/grail.

Gay "clones" wear the Levi's 501 "uniform". Looks like the grail is safely in the back pocket, but never trust a Trojan.

Off duty cloning around

I think it's safe to say you won't find many blogs with entries beginning with "Our Lady" and ending with queer clone sex. Syncs, like dreams, have their own weird logic, and sometimes it just cracks me up.


JB said...

We need more gay clones! MORE I say!

But seriously, I've often asked myself: If I have sex with my own clone, is it gay, or is it a form of extreme masturbation? Maybe I could clone myself as a woman instead. I wonder what my female version would look like... (puts on lipstick and looks at himself in the mirror for what seems like hours)

Jake Kotze said...

I've asked myself that same question JB.

Jake Kotze said...

The cloud city (like the Zeppelins that are making the rounds) I feel is the heavenly Atlantis accessed often through the mushroom. Beyond the Stargate.

See "Laputa: Castle in The Sky" and think Gulliver's Travels.

aferrismoon said...

If we imagine we are frequencies that can tune in and out of bodies [ which weigh no less at death] then cloning looks like it'll really take off. I'm getting a full quota , 5 or 6 , and then play body-hopping.
We can play swopsies. Hey if I hop into your body am I U, are we 3 too

Michael said...

Masturbation is underrated, I think. :-)

Yes - Cloud City/Atlantis/Emerald City represent the New Jerusalem, which the PTB are attempting to build on earth, which of course, winds up being hell.

BTB said...

Trust me to enter a conversation after a comment like that, Mike.

Truth is, mate, I agree with you.

Very interestingly, in the nineteenth century masturbation was considered almost the worst of all abiding sins. The blame for just about everything was laid at its door. A victim of that, it might be argued, is the subject of a fascinating book I am presently reading, published by... Gemini Press. His name? Lewis Carroll.

Your thoughts are escaping in torrents right now, Mike. (Or are we back to the white stuff again?)


P.S Apologies if I haven't dropped by recently... Great to read you again.

Michael said...

Hi Ben, always happy to hear your voice 'round these parts. IMHO, masturbation is much like "the love that dare not say its name". Damn those Victorians! Great twin/Carroll sync!

The head has seemed to come off the pipe lately. And you are always welcome here. Fantastic Elvis post at BTB, BTW.



Dynamitrios said...

Very interessting blog you have here. Conspiracy theories and mysticism from a gay-point-of-view, adds really a lot to my perception as heterosexual man.

Thanks for this. Keep your humorous style, it´s fun to read.

Greetings from Germany

Michael said...

Thanks for commenting, Dynamitrios. Always appreciated. My ancestors are German (at least some of them), who crossed the pond right before WWI. Apparently I had family on both sides, shooting at each other. Crazy world.

FilmNoir23 said...

this might be old territory but couldn't help think about Howard Hughes, Howard Hawkes, Hugh Hefner, Hubert Humphrey, et al.

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