Nov 17, 2007

The Quest, Part V

What strange creatures we are. The spirit of fire - Elohim, crossed with the dust of earth - Man. A crazier half-breed won't be found, not even in secret Monsanto/alien labs. Enoch spoke of the angels taking wives and begetting children. If we are the spirits of angels "born of water" (incarnated on earth), then the fact is (and with apologies to David Icke), WE are the dreaded "Nephilim" - the angel/alien/reptilian and human "crossbreed". They are here, and we are them.

"We have met the enemy, and he is us". --Pogo

If we are soldiers in some kind of bizarre cosmic battle, then the battle really IS within - against our own wicked, angel spirits. That is so totally fucked. How does a character "act" against the actor? It doesn't happen. The Devil made me do it.

Unless... the two party system has a third party. If the Creator is Love (yea, he really is) then he wouldn't leave us characters defenseless. Maybe the spirit of the Creator - the Holy Spirit - is hidden within. The Trojan Horse. The Holy Virus.

There may or may not be a Cosmic Cube buried somewhere under "Paris", but what is certain is that every person on the planet is a "holy grail" - a vessel of "clay" filled and activated by spirit - an oyster making a pearl. Satan is the suitor, and Jesus, through the Holy Spirit, is the bridegroom. What totally amazes me is that it's our own weakness - our experience of mortality and suffering, and our faith in spite of it, that saves us - along WITH our sorry rebel angel asses. It's as if the roles are reversed, and the character saves the actor. It's not all about us. It's about the angels - the Prodigal Sons.

Are we there yet?

Kinda like the decrepit actors in Galaxy Quest - who are saved by their characters. The angels aren't coming to save us. We've come to save the angels.

Samson destroying the Temple of Dagon

In a way, I see humanity as Samson, chained to two pillars - one is the pillar of the Rebel Angel, the other of the Holy Spirit. When we find our motivation and act in character, may we be like Samson, and bring down the house.


Adam Star said...

You got to love anything with such a smooth transition from the Nephilim to Walt Kelly. I'm thinking all sorts of different lately about all our cartoon anthropomorphic animal friends, which are almost always essentially human bodies with animal heads.

And there's that Gate-Keeping Sigourney Weaver popping in via "Galaxy Quest" along with Tim the Tool Man Santa (who lives in the Land of "snow"), aka Prof. Zoom, and Alan "Snape/Metatron" Rickman as the Spock of the group, playing a character called Dr.Lazarus no less. Also Tony Shalhoub a yellow cab driving Monk (cabdriver in Wings and the Bill Murray movie Quick Change).

Michael said...

Cartoons - been pondering 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit' a lot lately - and Toon Town.

Galaxy Quest is wonderful. I love the Brandon character (Justin Long) who is a devout fan/Trekkie and at first is totally brushed off by the alcoholic and broken down Tim Allen. But when Allen returns to earth (via a representation of a DMT trip) after seeing "heaven" and winds up needing Brandon, he tells him "It's all true!" and Brandon replies: "I knew it!"

Alan Rickman - a man who plays his parts to a T, unlike Tim Allen, who is always playing himself. Interesting comments, thanks.

FilmNoir23 said...

Roger Rabbit is wonderful cartoon noir, do not forget "Cool World" with Brad Pitt & Gabriel Byrne..

Rich insights as always Michael. You're a damn good read...

Michael said...

Thanks Todd. I've never seen Cool World, but it looks right up my alley.

Dr Do Little said...

Overall: Mesmerising!!

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