Nov 24, 2007

A Bee at Sea

This is an illustration I did for Rhisiart, an online friend of mine until 2004. We shared a common interest in multihull sailboats, Oceanic culture, politics and environmental issues, etc. Rhisiart and I decided to enter a short story contest - he'd write, and I'd illustrate. The story would be a distillation of ideas from the novel he was working on - a post apocalyptic tale of how life might be after the Great War - if things turned out well. It was a vision of a semi-nomadic tribal culture who had returned to the old shamanic traditions of ancient Albion, and it also involved bee-keeping and sailing boats and mysterious silent, black triangular flying craft of immense size.

As it so happened, I was going through my own "awakening" at this time, and so we shared many an insight, mostly revolving around mushrooms and Robert Anton Wilson type things. And then in early 2004 I told him that Prince William was the anti-christ, and I never heard from him again.

In hindsight, I understand. You can't say something like that without betraying an underlying belief system. But since then, I've come to think that the last thing anyone wants to hear is that an archetype can be personified. As in touchy-feely flesh and blood. That Satan is more than an idea, but might be an idea that desires 3-D physical expression - an idea who is a person. Just like God is personified in Jesus, and you and I are personified in you and I. We have over six billion personified ideas walking around on the planet right now, and that's only including the human ones.

God is a person. Someone who has feelings too.


Adam Star said...

I did not realize that you're an illustrator, you illuminator you. Well, you obviously don't need me to say so, but, beautiful art work, great composition, and a really, really elegant line.

People are so funny. I can never get over how ideas can frighten people so much. Can't people disagree and still be friends? I swear, it's a fnord thing.

Newspaceman said...

Never does Michael. Great post, I am surprised that your friend did not think the same, especially given the content of your short story.

It will in fact probably be the rise of William which leads to those semi nomadic tribes. It crosses my mind that Scotland would have in fact been full of them in the days of Jesus and the Roman Empire.

I suppose the situation today in Afghanistan is on similar lines.

Wills is on his way as I write, the signs are there, the Queen will be away by Christmas I think, or certainly give a date of her retiral. THe BBC is running a special on her all week.

It is all most worrying really, no one seems too concerned. My doctor told me I was paranoid but he could see where I was coming from and did not disagree.


Michael said...

We insecure illustrator types never tire of compliments, so thanks. I figure if I demanded everyone believe exactly like I do, I'd have a circle of one, and that's no fun.

Thanks NSM - I'm rather worried as well. It'll be interesting to see how they remove Charles.

JB said...

Wow, and I thought I was an artist. You could get a job at Marvel any day.

The Wrong Way Wizard is BACK over at my sight, btw, in the comments section of my latest article. We're exchanging ideas right now, about the ANTI-CHRIST, believe it or not.

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