Nov 13, 2007

Viva Las Vegas

In Michael Bay's Transformers, the Allspark/Cosmic Cube was said to be hidden beneath Hoover Dam, which is both profound and hilarious, because the cube represents a black hole - the "vacuum", which is also a power source... like the dam. It's also sorta cool, because Hoover Dam is one of those places that oozes occult megalithic energy. It's a stronghold - like Helm's Deep or Minas Tirith. On the day I visited, they were washing off the blood from another jumper - the dam is a suicide magnet.

Electromagnetic Genesis
"One of the most interesting facts about the Hoover Dam is that it contains more masonry than the Pyramid of Giza".
Interesting phrasing, that. Hoover Dam is in Boulder City, Nevada, which is a stone's throw from Las Vegas, and If ever there was a city on earth worth calling Sodom, it is Las Vegas. From the slot machines in the airport debarkation ramps to its grand casinos, this city stands above all others in its commitment to fleecing the sheep. Vegas is synchromystically always in the news, but especially lately, with Richard Branson's recent stunt, see The Show Must Go On at Through the Looking Glass.
Vega was the pole star, when the Egyptians named it Ma'at, the Vulture-star. The Assyrians named this pole star Dayan-same, the "Judge of Heaven", while in Akkadian it was Tir-anna, "Life of Heaven". In Babylonian astronomy, Vega was one of the stars named Dilgan, "the Messenger of Light". For the Roman Empire, the start of Autumn was based upon the hour at which Vega set below the horizon. --Wikipedia

The Prol Star?
But far more interesting is that the Chevy Vega was the first car named after a star - which is like naming the pot after the kettle. Las Vegas implies two... twin stars?

Nice halo
Casinos and gambling have always been at the center of media glamour. From Monte Carlo to Las Vegas, James Bond is there. His boss is "M" (played by a woman, most recently) and his secretary is Money Penny. Hmmm. James is routinely found at the roulette wheel - gambling with the Queen Bee's money. Diamond's Are Forever is the Vegas Bond movie, which is a very poor movie, but rich in synchs.
Bond is only the tip of the Vegas pyramid scheme, which encompasses Elvis (see Ben Fairhall's latest: E.P Phone Home), Liberace, Howard Hughes, The Rat Pack, Ocean's Eleven, and even the great pyramid itself: Luxor - site of the most powerful light (Lucifer) on the planet.

A 3D model of a Vegas model of a Giza model of an archetype (model)
However what I find most interesting about Las Vegas is that it stands in the desert (Egypt, Arrakis), like the climactic scene in Dune, when the great Houses all land on the desert planet, and set up their "tents" - representing their respective planets.
The casinos, which all represent archetypes, lend their symbolic power to the town, which somehow, takes on the aura of the archetypes, even though they are total fabrications. We have Stardust, Pirates, Egypt, Rome, Excalibur, New York, the great cities of Europe, all represented in heraldic form, flags a waving.
According to Jung, the "gods" are personified archetypes, and I see the casinos as temples to the archetypes - to the gods - which have, for some reason, all assembled on the plains of Nevada (Giza, Cydonia, Arrakis, Tatooin).
What do they want? Not money, surely. Gods aren't interested in greenbacks except as a vehicle of human control. What IS "currency" to a god? Jake Kotze's comment "X marks the spot" got me to wondering about the X's that might be "hiding in plain site" in Vegas, and what to my googling eye in the sky should appear, but a great X - a grand casino in the form of a cross-quarter Templar Cross - the Paris Casino.

The Grail is "under" Paris. If the Grail ain't in Vegas, it aughta be.

The Epcot Cube. Amazing.
Disney's Epcot Center in Orlando, Florida is similar, with all the archetypes of the world represented by little mock-ups, a "World's Fair", surrounding the great Bucky dome (Cosmic Cube/Sphere/Divine Feminine).

Golden Gothic arches of science
Seattle was put on the cultural map by a world's fair, the Century 21 Exhibition of 1962, which spectacularly presented the Space Needle, and which even now, 40+ years later, still serves as the city's occult/cultural symbol, which is maybe yet another re-presentation of the same dam thing.

"Google released some very high resolution (3 inches/pixel) imagery for a part of Las Vegas. You can see an example here of the Luxor Hotel (a pyramid with mirrored windows). If you visit the Luxor Hotel in Google Earth, and lower yourself (or zoom) to see in detail, you can easily read advertisements on the side of the building, see cars reflected in the windows, and if you look around the area you can not only make out car types, but can even see people (and their shadows). Google didn't give any reason for why they released this new high res imagery for Las Vegas. Maybe they are taking a gamble?" --Google Earth Blog


Adam Star said...

Great stuff. I like the insight of Vegas being like the Baronies of Arakis. Might explain somewhat why it's so frequently the setting for End of the World stories. I've been seeing that blue-haired ad for the stage version of Hairspray in all sorts of unexpected places (it's on the Google hi-res Luxor image). The green Wicked one too. Odd that strikes have shut down fictional TV and Broadway simultaneously, the primary opiate of the masses and the maybe the most iconcally American one.

Dynamitrios said...

Major cities of the world in one single american megapolis?
Could also be a symbolic depiction
of the "One World" thought.

Also, how likely is it, that these towers and pillars which resemble antennae are made to "suck up" life energy from ordinary people like us and by rituals are diverted to the "recipiants" (the elite, the "Big UnKnown" ones?

I dont want to be a friggin´ battery for the system.

Greetings from Germany

FilmNoir23 said...

Excellent insights...especially with The Frontier hotel being blown yesterday. As much of a power drain Vegas might be, I like it there (my hedonistic side) quite a lot. Stayed at the Luxor my first visit...on New Year's 1999.

I think your one world motif fits nicely...but almost even more than that it's imagination land from South Park...symbols of the elite agenda everywhere. Excaliber, MGM Grand is the Emerald City, Skull & Bones Pirates, Caesars Palace...

Also, Vegas wouldn't exist if they hadn't been able to divert water from California, and more or less stake claim over it. That's always struck me.

Plenty more here...and the X of Paris (back to our Eiffel Tower)...also a VERY large balloon on top of that casino as I recall.

Atlantean Times said...

very nice michael...I enjoyed reading that, thank you..

Michael said...

Thanks for the comments.

Vegas is like a city that has no "self" - its self is simply the borrowed selves of other cities, which is sorta amazing to me. In the MGM Grand, the Greco-Roman statues are made of FOAM for crying out loud - air!

I'm thinking that Vegas is sorta like Hollywood, but where Hollywood puts its archetypes in movie form, Vegas IS the movie - it's like visiting an elaborate set. So realistic, you can almost believe it's real. The grand illusion made manifest.

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