Nov 19, 2007

The Animation of Matter

It is the spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing: the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life. --John 6:63

In our dimension, the animation of matter follows strict laws of biology and physics, which of course instantly tempts mad scientist Dr. Frankenstein to overcome them - to attempt "The re-animation of matter!!!" Horror films are all over the frightening consequences of the unauthorized animation of matter, but oddly enough, "animated" cartoons are full of examples of this same phenomena: the animation of normally inanimate matter, The Sorcerer's Apprentice in Disney's Fantasia being the classic example.

Mrs. Pott-er?

In Bedknobs and Broomsticks, budding witch Angela Lansbury animates (enchants) formerly inanimate objects, giving them sentience and the ability to move (act).

Naive Mrs. Potts and her two guardians: Lumiere and Cogsworth.

In Disney's Beauty and the Beast, Angela voices Mrs. Potts... an animated (sentient) teapot in an enchanted castle. The enchanter becomes the enchanted. I always thought that the Beast's enchanted castle was cool, and wished that I lived in a place like that, with all the vessels serving themselves, and even cleaning up afterwards.

Children are the target market for movies about improbable animations, and when you think about it, the concept of inanimate objects come to life might make a kid a bit paranoid, but it doesn't. Kids seem to know that the animated objects are friendly. Maybe they're re-membering how things are in Imagination Land.

Angela! Are you in there?

However, children aren't the only ones with animated fastasies. The star ship Enterprise, thanks to her ginormous computer, is essentially a flying, enchanted "castle" in the sky, whose only desire is to serve the humans within. "Tea. Earl Grey. Hot!" Apparently Dame Lansbury lives on as a Replicator.

Harry Potter's Alma Mater, Hogwarts, is kept in tip-top running order by House Elves, who seem to desire nothing more than to be used as servants. For a time, Hermione even attempts to organize them for better working conditions, but gives up when they can't see their forced labor as anything but the greatest happiness. They're sort of like enchanted dishes, but not quit as elementally cool.

"Our collective conclusion seems to be that nature, both in whole and in many parts, is magically self-reflecting and aware E N T I T I E S"

Terrance McKenna claimed to meet the "machine elves" on his DMT trips. Machine elves were tiny, friendly, shape-shifting entities. They greeted him as if they already knew him. Maybe machine elves are like House Elves that BECOME the Animated Matter! How cool is that?

The Lady in Red: Jessica Rabbit

In Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Animated characters are visualized as "separate but equal" life forms. They live in their own ghetto(dimension) called Toontown(heaven?), and they're essentially immortal. Toons are allowed to break the laws of physics if the result is humorous, sorta like Super Funny Heroes. Toontown is apparently a wholly owned subsidiary of Marvin Acme - the pinnacle. Toons can't normally be killed, however, they're subject to the "Dip" - a mixture concocted of acetone, benzene, and turpentine, which is the only sure way to kill a Toon (spirit). Dip = Lake of Fire?

Prince Valiant? Veritas. And wouldn't you know it, he's a Templar. Click image to enlarge crest.

An extremely animated yellow checker cab in Toontown.

Toontown would make a pretty nice place to live, except I'd want to live in the red light district - Porntown - where the laws of physics can be broken, as long as it's erotic. I'd work for cheap to be a cartoon muscleboy... very cheap. Like a horny Pornhouse Elf.

Guardians of the Cube, from Class Comics. The week's very best find.


Adam Star said...

The Templar seal on Eddie Valiant's office door is a tremendous find! I've got to watch that movie again, it's been years. I'm reminded of Time Bandits which has been much on my mind lately for no real reason other than it is cool. The dwarfs in TB were sort of lower rung builders of God's creation, mostly handling trees , shrubs and such, until they steal God's map of time portals and go rogue. Time Bandits is on YouTube in full, and I'm going to check there for Roger Rabbit.

Bluekush623 said...
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hoi polloi said...

In Japan Animism was the predominant early religion before Buddhism. You can still see evidence of this in Japanese culture

Michael said...

Roger Rabbit is full of interesting tidbits. I'm still trying to get my head around Judge Doom - the Toon(spirit) disguised as a mortal. I'll have to check out Time Bandits - never seen it.

BK623 - thanks, I checked out your examination of Will Smith. excellent!

HP - I'm not familiar with Japanese Animism, but Native American Animism states that all matter is made of spirit - rocks, trees, and everything - and apparently Jesus agrees.

JB said...

Michael, I've just posted a new article on my sight, entitled "Knowledge truly IS power!", starting with your very own "The Quest Part V". It may bring some answers. Enjoy.

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