Nov 8, 2007

Playing Daniel

NASA has always been at the center of the conspiracy whirlwind, no doubt rightfully so.

I was nine years old when the USA landed a man on the moon (according to the media, but I wasn't there, so I don't really know for sure) and on that July 20, my father turned to me and said, "Mike, you remember this day", and I always have. At the time, I'm sure we never thought to consider the naming of the enterprise - Saturn, Apollo, and in hindsight, the significance of the number 11 as a bellwether of change. But hindsight is 20/20.

The Saturn V booster is named after Saturn, the God of Ancient Rome (It is his Saturnalia that we in the USA most fervently celebrate, though wrapped in Christian drag). So it makes sense that modern Rome would understand the power on which it is based, and honor her most mighty totem with his Roman name.

"Let us build ourselves a tower..."

The Apollo moon mission was the child of JFK, his short reign alluded to as "Camelot". JFK, the once and (not quite yet) future king. Kennedy's boyish charm was legendary, and Jackie "O" (ummm, enough said) was certainly the most gorgeous and glamorous First Lady/Consort the world had ever seen, perhaps eclipsed only by Diana - "the Diana of her time". Apollo was the unbearded youth, a Greek (homo)erotic ideal. He was Peter Pan, the boy who never grows up, who captivated Wendy and took her to the Island of Lost Boys, to be their Mother/Mary/Grail - straight on 'til morning.

Now THAT'S a Stargate!

The Saturn rocket had three stages. The first was the mightiest, and each one less so as it climbed toward heaven, until the ziggurat (Tower of Babel) was topped with a triangular capsule - the Capstone, the Ben-Ben stone. Three stages represent the Three Ages - Gods, Heroes, and Man - each stage ascending to a certain height, but then falling back. The capsule represents Man Ascended, the Pinnacle of Creation and the Capstone, literally "standing on the shoulders of giants", (Titans, angels), to be The One to break free the bonds, whether gravitational or spiritual in nature.

Hexagonal spheres in a supporting role

The V represents the descent of the Divine, Kingdom of God on earth, New Jerusalem, Zion. The Apollo V capsule lands on water, and as such, is spectacularly baptized, born of water. Saturn, Apollo, the Eagle, has... landed.

At least, that's how I interpret the most iconic event of my childhood. Or was it just a dream?


aferrismoon said...

I read that the next 'names' for space missions will be or already is ARES-ORION, thus Mars gone Greek.
Maybe the fiery furnace in the Book of Danial = a kind of Stargate.
Fine tidbits on JFK [ John fucking Kennedy] and Jackie O -K-B [ On-Ass- is , just like Jesus]. Kennedy and Bouvier , Marge Simpson's maiden name
JK - Jake Kotze , JB - Jachin Boaz and blogger JB
JO - IO , keep your eye open.
Been reading Book of Daniael lately. Sometimes written in the 1st person - per son

FilmNoir23 said...

A nifty tribute...the million dollar question that I wrestle with even today, did we REALLY go? or...had we been before many times. Why have we NEVER officially returned???? Riddle me that Batman

Too dangerous?, nothing to see there...move on?

Adam Star said...

Beautiful article, and very thought provoking.

Apollo takes us to Artemis.

I'm in the "not quite sure if the moon landing was real" club as well, which at times can be an attitude to hold nearly as uncomfortable as disagreeing with the official explanation of the events of 9/11. Tied as it was to Cold War politics, no matter what transpired, this glorious achievement was ever tinged with the deadly chess match between the US and the Soviets. The message sent in landing on the moon being that we could place nukes on the moon, the sword of Damacles literally dangling over our heads. This is beside the heavy occult connotations of taking possesion and control of the Moon, the Virgional Huntress, the left eye of Horus, etc. etc.

I think we went, but I think the footage was fake for some manipulative reason, but that's just me. My Spidey-Sense tingles at the drop of a pin.

Michael said...

Thanks for the comments, much appreciated. Fiery furnace - I was Shadrack in a church play when I was a kid. :-)

I have some odd personal synchs about it that lead me to suspect some sort of hoaxing was going on, and let's not forget that Orange Juice Simpson starred in Capricorn One, which opens another giant can of synch worms. Is Saturn Satan, and is he the father of lies?

JB said...

The mission was real (Apollo 11 anyway), but the footage was fake.

The reason: The moon has a breathable atmosphere, and almost the same gravity as Earth (supposedly). If the astronauts would have been walking around the lunar surface without a spacesuit on, with a clear blue sky above them, and perhaps even a little bit of vegetation at their feet (according to some researchers), it would have been impossible for the government to stop corporations and eventually people to go to the moon for vacation and as a new home. That's my theory anyway.

Also, the moon seems to be an artificial construction, full of ancient cities in ruin and its most probably hollow inside.

hoi polloi said...

Scary that you mention Wendy Michael. I had been thinking about that story all week!

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