Dec 31, 2008

Finding the Pillars

Yesterday was a big day! Var and I signed a Domestic Partnership Declaration in Washington State, which is not such a big deal for us since we've been domesticated for 10 years, but on the other hand it was a nice feeling to be "official" - I felt like the tin woodsman who was given a heart by the Wiz, something I already had, but hey, it's nice to have it recognized. It was very low-key and just paperwork, mostly. We toasted the Union, and that was about it.

We had to get the document notarized, so we went to the bank, which is a U.S. Bank (luckily not collapsing just yet) which also uses a red shield in their logo. Var joked about being carried across the bank threshold, and how we got married in a BANK... etc.

I've also had lots of Superman synchs goin' on this month, with that S shield poking up in the oddest places, and of course, the S is the dollar sign, of which banks are so fond.

Last night I had a short but memorable dream: I was scrambling down a small, tunnel-like rocky canyon or creek bed (strange, white, pointy egg shaped rocks, "dragon's teeth" maybe?) and eventually the bed opened up to a sandy beach on the ocean that held two pillars. I can't tell you what they looked like except they were very old and made of stone, but not a ruin.

And I knew that I'd found the Pillars of Heracles!

The googoracle reveals:

The Spanish coat of arms has two columns, which represent the Pillars of Hercules and an “S”-shaped ribbon around each, with the motto “Non Plus Ultra” originally, and later “Plus Ultra”.

The original dollar sign "derives from the Spanish coat of arms engraved on the Spanish colonial silver coins “Real de a Ocho” (”piece of eight”) or Spanish dollar under circulation in the Spanish colonies of America and Asia, as well as in the English Thirteen Colonies and later the U.S. and Canada." --Mike Tomlinson

America: Tin Man

Oz never did give nothin' to the Tin Man, that he didn't already have...

Anyway... Happy New Year! I have to say I won't miss 2008 even a little bit, so I'm partying a little extra hard.


Devin said...

Gotcha with not missing 08-good grace what a year-ugggh-I am not partying but am on oxycodone if that counts:-) CONGRATULATIONS! I hope the both of you will be happy together the rest of your lives! I always loved that Tin Man song for some reason and I am not big on that kind of music-for some stupid reason it always reminded me of Ventura Highway which I also like-the dreams I have been having lately with a very on/off frequency always relate to me being somewhere-I know I am not in the right place and know i will never get home-one of these dreams was even kind of sci fi-it had an alternate timeline theme-very unusual for me because I suffer from insomnia and do not dream often-much less about the same type subject. Best to you both as always and I hope 2009 is very good to you-hugs too!

Doug said...

Congratulations and Happy New Year!

Michael said...

Hi Dev, I don't sleep so well either, which I think then creates this 'dreaming while awake' condition that is strange because everything takes on symbolic meaning. So a good night's sleep with dreams is something I cherish.

I recall that sleep deprivation is torture...

Anyway, thanks again, and I wish the best for you in 2009 also.

Christopher Knowles said...

Congratulations, Michael! Best to you and your partner.

As to the post- Maybe some Clark and Jimmy role-play on the weekend menu?

Michael said...

Thanks again. We'd have to flip for it, since we'd both want to be Jimmy.

Anadæ said...

MICHAEL! Splendiferous news, He Who Is Like God, and all the best to you & the mister, not just for the new year of aught nine, but far ahead into the future. Heck, my guy & I have only been domestics since July (for keeps, anyway, sans any meddlesome state paperwork).

DEVIN! I was happy you saw the link for Julian's site elsewhere; Adonis or Eros might be cooler & more apropos to 'raise' than Karnayna. Please, please, please be careful of that oxy script, though. It's been known to have been called oral heroin before.

I, too, used to suffer from anxiety & its attendant sleep deprivation. I was taking abernarnil. Fixed me right up. No longer need it, so see iffen that compound works. Only drawback? I gained thirty #! Lost it 'back' again later. But... you get the idea. Try accupuncture ever?

And Michael, mayhaps that dream was actually a resurfacing racial memory. Some German genetic lineages, especially in the southern regions, could easily have had earlier forebears in the Mediterranean countries, Greece, Italy, and, as might be the case here, Spain ( :-)}

Michael said...

Anadae, I've sorta wondered about a certain 'affinity', you might call it, I have for Spain and her new world conquests. When I was a kid, before my ideas of style were socialized, I always loved the crushed velvet, black wrought iron and pitted burnt oak Spanish look popular in the 1970's Sears catalogue. Like living on a pirate ship!

And I loved the legend of Zorro and all about California and Texas, and I've been to Mexico many times and to Spain once, which was an amazing experience that I cherish. So there's something about Spain and the galleons and such that rings my bell on a subconscious level, no doubt.

Cheers, Michael

Devin said...

Thanks for all the new thoughts here Michael and Anadae-everyone! agree about the oxycodone-very addictive I really need to watch it with this as I am so prone to anxiety anyway and this pill kills a lot of it. Best to all of you!

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