Dec 26, 2008

Doctor Who Saves the Titanic

Updated Dec. 27. We watched 'Doctor Who: Voyage of the Damned' this week, finally available for rental. Dr. Who is said to be the sole-survivor of an ancient cosmic war, possibly the War of Heaven? I synch him with Titans, Enochian Watchers, and the Fallen Angels, perhaps even Lucifer himself. A charming rogue. (see Dr. Pooh for Tardis ravings)

In this episode he finds himself aboard a gigantic intergalactic cruise ship christened with the unlucky name Titanic. It's a ship of the Max Sagittarius Cruise Lines, and since I know from The Blob that Sagittarius points toward Galactic Center, I'm thinking maybe Max represents the Most High God? And not in a very good light, I might add.

Just in case we were wondering, the ship is full of the (heavenly) 'Host', who are all identical (cloned?) golden angel-bots who act as "messengers". Dr. Who casts Max Sagittarius as an embattled and corrupt CEO who's board has plotted against him, which is an interesting re-telling of the Book of Enoch and the story of the rebellion of the "Heavenly Council".
Max plots to regain his position by framing the board for his deliberate sabotage of the Titanic, sending it hurtling into Earth and killing all aboard, not to mention the entire planet. The ship is set to crash into Great Britain (of course) aimed directly at Buckingham Palace.
The ship is struck by three asteroids, synching with the weapon of the trident, which is only possible because the ship's shielding was deliberately dropped by an act of internal sabotage, resonating quite strongly with the fall of the twin towers and the unaccountable collapse of air defenses on that day. Subtle rumors of sabotage circle around the real Titanic, and also the attack on Pearl Harbor, where the radar inexplicably went dark. Yesterday, Maui was struck by a strange power failure while Obama was vacationing with his family.
Anyway, the Doctor saves the day, and as the great ship careens safely over the rooftops, the Queen waves goodbye, wishing him a happy Christmas. They seem to be on a first name basis, which would be only natural for the earthly representative of the Reptilian "seed".
Interestingly, this episode costars Kylie Minogue (the Illuminati "goddess" from Oz) and headliner at the recent Atlantis Rising ritual in Dubai. She plays a cocktail waitress named Astrid - "divine beauty" - a Nordic Goddess. She plays a Helen-like (grail) character, a beautiful woman who regrets her employment at Max Sagittarius Cruise Lines. At the end, she kisses (gives herself to) the Doctor by stepping up to him on a red cross box, which is probably the most symbolically loaded scene in the episode.
I have a fascination with the Titanic and the Hindenburg, which (to me) are mythic equivalents. There's something about these disasters that transcend the actual events, if I may be so bold. Could they be fractals? Diamond fractals pointing to a larger event that happened long ago, and will happen again.
Is the Titanic 'Wormwood'? (see The Wreck of the Zodiac) The great starship crash of 2012.
Honestly, I feel like being on earth right now is like being aboard the Titanic!?

The Morning After: Maureen McGovern (MM).
That would be the song I sang in church as a teenager. I chose it, and I have no idea WHY I would choose a song of hope aboard a doomed ship named POSEIDON (care for a stick of Trident?) to sing to the congregation. Another doomed Christmas Ship.


JB said...

Hey Michael. Just to tell you that I'm starting to post articles on my blog again, and that your comments are always welcome.

As for the Titanic, I've often wondered if the global cataclysm of 2012 would never happen if J.C. wouldn't have made the movie back in 1998. The same way that the real-life ship might not have sunk in 1912 if the prophetic story of the TITAN wouldn't have been written in 1898. Just a thought.

aferrismoon said...

Just saw the Xmas Doctor Who.
Fine idea that the disasters are maybe like 'nodes' of some far more immense happening

JB - yeah that's one hell of a 'synch'

Christopher Knowles said...

I saw the Doctor Who pilot at Dragon Con. I must say it was a lot heavier and darker than what followed.

Michael said...

Hi JB, thanks for the Titan reference. Just returned from wikipedia "Titan" page, apparently Helios (a recurring solar theme at gosporn) was also called a titan. Great coincidence is that the BF favorite metal is TITANium.

Chris - ALL sci-fi is dark right now. I watched a Battlestar Gallactica episode last week and was struck by the pervading sense of dark paranoia. It'll be interesting to see the new J.J. Abrams Star Trek, which unfortunately looks like TOS played by a boy band.

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