Dec 14, 2007

Dr. Pooh

Dr. Who uses a police box as a disguise for his magical TARDIS - tesseract home/office/stargate. Which is no doubt fine for merry old England, but would attract far too much attention here in the colonies. Even Superman’s once ubiquitous phone booth has gone the way of the Dodo bird, thanks to mobile phones. There IS however one cuboid found on nearly every street/park/event/construction site, and raises not a single eyebrow... the portable john. Indeed, Its scatological contents are a virtual force field to keep curious cats away - a perfect disguise.

Here in the ‘Emerald City’, we have portable toilet contractors with names like Wizard of Ooze and Honey Bucket, which are synchs I’d rather not follow too closely, considering.

From a little Wikipedia research, I was amazed to discover:

"TARDISes are grown, not made. They draw their power from several sources, but primarily from the singularity of an artificial black hole, known as the Eye of Harmony. In The Edge of Destruction, the power source of the TARDIS (referred to as the "heart of the TARDIS") is said to be beneath the central column of the console, with the rise and fall of the column an indication of its functioning" (Ahem).

Translating: a TARDIS is a heavily cloaked starship of Vulcan design (powered by a black hole - the divine feminine). In other words... a Holy Grail. On second thought, perhaps a plastic portable toilet doesn’t convey the proper aura of grandeur. Maybe something closer to Solomon’s temple would be in the ballpark?

Before the TARDIS, there was the temple.


aferrismoon said...

Maybe the Divine Feminine likes a man in a uniform.
I guess that's why they call it a Puh-leease box. Considering the sound the Tardis makes as it starts on a journey I think this = a very accurate arcticle

Adam Star said...

The comparison between the Tardis and the Temple is really profound. And port-a-potty as mask, well that'd be highly effective. I don't think I'd go in even if I knew it was a time machine. From the title, I thought you were going somewhere else altogether, and I had this innocuous little formula pop into my head. No purpose for it but I'm going to share it anyway:

A + B = C

JB said...

How about a mailbox? Would be a bit hard to get into though...

Btw, Michael, thanks for that 2,300 days info you left on my sight. Very interesting. And thanks for not judging me in my aspirations towards Beasthood (as others seem to).

Michael said...

FM - always the finest comments. Thanks.

Adam - well, they ARE proportioned similarly. Thanks for the ABC's. The pooh bear is fine, but there's something about that TV narrator that was like scraping chalk to me.

JB - You're teaching me a lot about preconceived notions, and if a Thelemite (not that you ARE a Thelemite) can find common ground with a Christian (albeit a rather unconventional one), that's interesting to me.

aferrismoon said...

ADAM - Dost thou hinteth at some rabbit-howl extending its divine holiness to Peru, where an orphally polite bear may hail from

Adam Star said...

If five years from now its manageable to get to Peru for a little winter vacation. Well, it couldn't hurt.

JB said...

Not quite a "Thelemite", but attracted to the darkness within and without for certain, like some sort of bizarro moth.

And I personally tend to see the "end of the world" as being a very positive thing, for it leads directly and inevitably to a New Golden Age.

The problem with modern religion (especially Christianity), as I see it, is that it has lost all sense of historical perspective. It only remembers one beginning and one ending, when in reality there have been many, all part of an eternal cycle of creation-destruction-recreation.

Like Plato said: "You remember only one Great Flood, but there were many before it." So the "job" of the Anti-Christ would be to negate the world, in order to put an end to the present iron age of mediocrity, and make everything new again. Thesis (the Christ) + Antithesis (the Anti-Christ) = Synthesis ("reality" version 7.0).

You know, what Neo and Agent Smith did at the end of Matrix: Revolutions. Except that I'm not a total jerk like Agent Smith. ;)

aferrismoon said...

The word TEMPLE = Time, so Temple and Relative.......
Thanks 4 Atlantis , adam

Anonymous said...

Hey Michael,

The innocuous and funny 'Dr. Pooh' hides and hints at the Great Mystery.

If you buy into Kotze's 'pillarmid' then 'Dr. Pooh' makes the Gnostic loop. Samael, the demi-urge, aka Yaldabaoth and sometimes Jehovah, fashioned the material world from his own excretion and called it Earth. Naturally it was in the shape of a cone or pyramid. He then feeds upon and re-digests this reality to complete the Ouroborus loop.

Such are the parables that arise when humanity examines creation and measures it's parts in relation to the human body, but it is a mistake to do so.

The human body is not uniquely divine. EVERYTHING is divine. All events, thoughts and matter are divine.

As bodies, we enter One-der-land when we lose, just like Alice, our sense of being 'the measure of things'.

Everything is Golden.

Peace Out.

Da WWWiz

Michael said...

I've heard said that Baal was the Lord of Dung - Lord of the Flies. Baal and YHWH the same? If Satan drives out Satan, then how can his kingdom stand?

Your golden comment inspired me. Thanks, Wiz.

Anonymous said...

eternal cycles/pyramids:
Both are important knowledge of material/physical processes

Golden Ages and Alice's "'One'-der-land":
Both show that you still have to come away from these thought processes.
The togetherness and New (physical) Age are what we have to free ourselves from (the material)

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