Dec 4, 2007

Little Greys II

Aferrismoon has contributed some powerful grey characters via comments in the margins Inside the Cosmic Cube:

Oh and GREYHOUND, not including the Lady Jane Grey-Jean Grey Hellfire sizzle. but GREYS = Aliens and the HOUND has to be another DOG which is kinda SIRIUS so the GREYHOUND Bus Co. is the Tardis no one noticed. Why didn't they spell it GRAYHOUND, some form of Imperialist Coach Co.

Jean Grey is from X-Men - the personification of the (unchained) divine feminine/black hole. Can I even begin to grok the political blasphemy of this concept? Probably not.

Lady Jane Grey was the nine days Queen of England - Protestant vs. Catholic, according to the history books.

Greyhounds are the dogs of kings - canine thoroughbreds - which reminds me of horses, bulls, and falcons. All creatures bred by royalty, which is itself a product of selective breeding. Greyhounds are known to be particularly prone to psychotic behavior, which perhaps explains the state of the world.

Be that as it may, Greyhound Lines is a cultural icon - "I was born in the backseat of a Greyhound bus; Rollin’ down Highway 41” --The Allman Brothers Band, Ramblin’ Man, 1973.

Cinderella's Pumpkin in Mosaic

Coaches imply pomp and circumstance, pumpkins and fairy godmothers, as well as steerage class - the “coach” class of modern air travel.

In Star Wars, Episode II, a desperate Padme Amidala is reduced to taking a greyhound bus of the skies back to her home world. Padme is Diana, and if we remember, Diana (Cinderella) became our Queen of Hearts via a magical coach ride - her wedding day. Diana married the Sun King, who traverses the skies in his chariot (coach, ship).

But in the margins of all the above grandeur, homo sexual connection is rampant in the plane/train/bus/automobile iconography - Senator Larry Craig being only the latest example. From the “mile high club” to an 18 wheeler to the backseat of a bus, there’s something about transportation that is inherently erotic and delightfully sleazy. As if sin and virtue play by different rules on the road - whether the pavement of Route 66 or the yellow bricks of Oz.


Adam Star said...

Ever intriguing Michael. Is there something you've noted that specifies Padme as Diana? I can see a similarity in their persona, so I'm curious if you've noted a specific.

My ongoing conversation with ferris included the details of Jean Grey's transformation from Phoenix, avatar of life and savior of the Universe to Dark Phoenix, the Black Angel, destroyer of suns. Jean gets mind-fucked by the old X-men villain Mastermind who seeks to use her as a means to gain entrance to the ranks of the Hellfire Club. The brainwashed Jean serves briefly as the Black Queen of the HFC. But the HFC has no idea what they've unleashed, their Hell-Fire is merely figurative, Jean's is the real deal.

Jean's love interest is Cyclops, Scott Summers, whose optic blasts are solar powered. In more recent times Cyclops has had a romantic relationship with the telepathic Emma Frost, the former White Queen of the HFC.

FilmNoir23 said...

I was always enjoyed the stories of Fritz Leiber...his "Gray Mouser" a thief, adventurer and apprentice.

The duo of Fafhrd and he made for good fiction.

JB said...

You guys NEED to read what I've just posted on my sight. Germany and EU just legalized pedophilia. Seriously.

Michael said...

Adam - thanks for the Jean Grey info.

Both Padme and Diana "ruled" over enchanted kingdoms - Naboo is an idealized enlightened aristocracy of European template - Camelot. They both had enormous state funerals after their untimely deaths/sacrifices, they both carried the "bloodline", and they both gave birth to Once and Future Kings.

FM23 - I'll check out Fritz Leiber, thanks.

JB - thanks for the heads up!

aferrismoon said...

Greyt articke, cheers for filling out the extremely thin dog. Lady Jane Grey seeems to have been a well meaning 'fall-guy'. She seemed to provide the movement into power that allowed the far stronger force to 'legitamately' seize power, though JG wasn't so naive as to not understand . After a abusive life with her mother, she blossomed intellectually as welll as being a beauty, spoke 2 or 3 languages.
Was Diana a fall-girl, and Princess Grace , apparently Rainier was asking for more money to allow Heroin dealers through Monaco into France.
A bit un-starwarred so Padme eludes me.
The comments around are great, at times it's difficult to not stop spinning into some kind of meta-space, doggone it

aferrismoon said...

Coach is named after Kocar in Hungary [ Kotchar] where they produced carriages. In Czech Kocarek [ Kotcharek] = a pram

Anonymous said...


If Grey = 666, then the Greyhound could also be cerebus (666 hound), guardian of the river Styx, and half-way between our world and Hell / Imaginationland / Oz / Faerie.

Our brains are called Grey Matter.


aferrismoon said...

I've been thinking about the 3-headed dog in the bottom right corner of the Hermit tarot card, from Crowley's Book of Thoth. The shining light looks like an inversion of the Orion constellaation

SirWellingtonsBeefTrapeze said...

...and Gandalf the Grey, and the New York Times is known as the Grey Lady, The Grey Zone (2001) about the holocaust, Grey Owl as metaphor for Zion (, and Grey's Anatomy's Katherine Heigl also appears in Roswell.... and.....

Michael said...

Sir Wellington - interesting grey connections indeed. Thanks for the link. Inspiring to both myself and to British Israelism - how odd.

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