Dec 9, 2007

Battle of the Titans

Bill Thuther has been going on lately about a Masonic “spell” being woven and cast this month, something entwined with Orange, Revolution, Oz, Eden, Cain, Christmas/Saturnalia, Benjamin Franklin, Mel Gibson, Johnny Depp and George W. Bush - an irresistible mix. The great Archetypes are being invoked, from the Munchkins of Oz to Saturn himself. Fasten your seat belts, it’s going to be a bumpy night.

As these things happen, On December 3rd, 16 American intelligence agencies released their report on Iran which emphatically stated that Iran is not endeavoring to achieve nuclear weapons capability, and has not since at least 2003. Which is a massive, lead-weighted “white glove” in the face of the power behind the Bush administration and its endless “War on Terra”. Suddenly, all the wind is taken out of their sails (pitch) - the pirated ship of state ghosting to a halt. Bush is seen as the boy who cried wolf - the emperor with no clothes. This is huge. HUGE. Big pieces on the chessboard are at play.

Xymphora has been going for some time about the War Between Establishments in America, and I am strongly suspecting that this Christmas spell is connected to political events. We can even connect the Hollywood/Broadway writers strike as pawns at play.

“In the Reuters article about the event (the Munchkin Star in Hollywood), it's said that it was made possible because of a petition drive and support from illuminati members Steven Spielberg and George Lucas.” --Thuther Thoughts

The two mightiest Hollywood myth WRITERS. Is the strike another slap in the face of those whom these American Masons see as interlopers? The “money men” who have stolen their wife and muse (Lady Liberty) and her daughter (the USA), and sold her into slavery (the imminent collapse of the Hermetic dollar), even using her mythos as a weapon against them!

This old American establishment has witnessed, in seven short years, the sudden erosion and near total collapse of everything they hold dear (Classic, 20th Century Fox America), and perhaps they have finally decided that enough is enough. They have seen no justice, and are taking the law into their own hands. Johnny Depp, Sweeney Todd and Cain, straight from hell.

This all gets rather complicated, but it’s clear that the Hollywood Masons see themselves and the USA as the New Atlantis - the ‘good guys’. They’re the spiritual descendants of George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and Paul Revere. Nobody loves the American Dream more than they. So perhaps (and just perhaps) we are witnessing a sort of battle - a Wizard War - Gandalf vs. Saruman, the defense of the Emerald City against the Dark Arts.

Running directly after the famous Imagination Land episode/indictment, was The Daily Show with John Stewart. It featured an ersatz global warming clip that exclaimed:

“...and what about the moon - who’s side is it really on!?”

Which is another calling out - who and what does the moon represent?

The Omaha shootings (close, very close to Kansas) are interesting if taken as a Black Lodge reply to the White Lodge's calling out. Perhaps a warning of what they could do if the White Lodge persists. All this black and white, checkerboard symbolism - these symbols represent Masonic reality - and they are acting out on their board.

I’ll root for the White Lodge for obvious reasons, but honestly, do these Hollywood producers really know what they’re up against? The Black Lodge plays to win - no holds barred and no spell too dark. Superman vs. Lex Luthor. We’ll see how Superman does in the “real world”.


Anonymous said...


Your post is huge and has set my wife and I off on a billion thoughts about this whole thing. I will respond on my blog later tonight.tommorrow, but wanted to send a quick note to thank you so very much for your take.

Here's a quick idea - two spells happening at the same time: spell and counter spell.

Cain is for the "good" guys, so the "bad" guys had to interject Kane and Lynch, who just walk around killing people going "F you" (who are they really addressing this to?).

Sweeny Todd is the sacrifice for the "good" guys (as it is done on film and no actual blood is spilled), while Robert Hawkins and the two Colorado killings are the black magic blood sacrifice for the "bad" guys.

That's just one idea.

Thank you again, friend.


Adam Star said...

Why was I unaware of Thurther Thoughts until now? Great looking material, thanks for that.

And this article, it's (I'm sure this isn't the proper word but) beautiful. A profound synthesis of truth and poetry, truth as poetry. I was really weirded out by the Omaha shootings. In my last Heroes post I emphasized the name Hawkins, as Horus resonant, due to the character D.L. Hawkins and the subtle Heroes connection to Carnivale with messianic Ben Hawkins. The shooter was Robert Hawkins. There was a CIA agent character named Robert Hawkins on the apocalyptic show "Jericho". Creepy.

Michael said...

Adam, Will. Will, Adam.

Thuth - thanks for the comment. Yes, quite possibly spell and counterspell, virtual mayhem vs. real mayhem. Maybe.

Adam - thanks, much appreciated. Hmmm. Hawks are trained hunters for royalty - the sport of falconry.

FilmNoir23 said...

Nice work Bill/Michael...very interesting isn't it?

JB said...

Sadly, Superman would get his ass handed to him by Lex Luthor in "real life". The only reason he ever wins on paper is because of "the good guy always wins in the end" law of the comic book world, a law which, unfortunately, doesn't seem to exist in our world.

JB said...

Then again, if Superman just got over his own ridiculous boyscout principles and used his powers to their fullest extent without holding back, Luthor would have been completely destroyed 60-70 years ago.

Michael said...

JB - I think the "Second Coming" myth has devolved into exactly that: Superman/Jesus unchained - as if.

C/W said...

For trivia buffs, his sixth-generation grandfather is the legendary American inventor-patriot, Benjamin Franklin ("It wasn't until I was 10 that I even knew we were related to him!"). Coleman and his wife, Beth, have a 7-year-old daughter, Tess, who appeared in the Wes Craven film "Red-Eye."

re: Dynasty and Heroes star (HRG) Jack Cole-man.

aferrismoon said...

David Niven wrote 'The Moons a Balloon' but never mentioned sides [ which in a geometrically accurate universe - don't exist] Sides, surfaces and other school-fed doo-wop.
Check out Carlo Suares take on Cain or Qaheen as he insists on pronouncing [ and Hevel] not the manipulated Able [ like Cain's not Able and Ables a bag of blood who wants his brother to be his keeper, by renting out a house so Able can live off the interest. Landlords etc., need u to think that Hevel , mere 'bag of blood' , is the proto-human. the fucking farmer for fux ache, land apportioner, deadman. Qaheen meets him but as Q - IHVH incarnate the little bee Hevel just 'dies' and his blood is sucked up by Adamah , the carnal, reproductive earth. he will reappear as the wine that Noah quenches to fall back into the role of husbandman.
Qaheen thrives off the Aleph in his blood and transforms his blood. Of course Yahweh protects this MAN , for he/it = the prototype, not the termite Hevel.
Qaheen is born of Yahweh, not the human male Adam. Hevel's conception is hardly noted and his departure is met with the immediate replacement by Seth.
Political correctness etc. , mass-predictive-marketing , mortgage [ death-measure] are Hevels progeny and aim to kill Qaheen at all costs and at all times.
Due to the strain of the debilitating society we live in young men find they have no way to deal with the s-mothering and suffocation, yet they have no 'education' to deal with this, thus they 'shoot too quick' as young men are apt to do. They shoot at school which = Hevels Hive Heavan, they know its poison, but Hevellites don't mind a few victims if it means the offing, imprisonment or best of all the suicide of a potential Qaheen
Its worth repeating Suares' idea -
Qaheen met Hevel and Hevel just burst open in the presence of YHWH incarnate, his blood , like many , drunk up by the carnal, feminine, the antithesis of Chevah [Eve]. The Earth wants reproduction, Yahweh wants Indeterminency. The struggle continues.

Michael said...

Mr. Moon - it never ceases to amaze me how Cain is cast the hero/victim in modern interpretations of a very ancient myth. Alchemical transformation and justification - of the highest degree.

aferrismoon said...

Sometimes I get the idea that all the laws , the protection of protectors, children bound within a myriad of mental and physical protections, all for their own good, so that they're driven to school , a small blip inside a sizeable SUV, like a pea on a plate, and what the fuck are they ever going to learn, or will learning be relayed to them 2nd and 3rd hand to protect their wittle ears from dangerous , though-provoking ideas, in case they're neurons break. Soon they will be saved from the trauma of puberty, and the dangerousness of hormones. The population will be half-eldsters on Extendo-Life pills, and the young on puberty-dissuading medication. Those who 'break this law' will be exiled to exist within computer games.
Probably why there are so many cartoon stories in film, as everybody knows the characters and most importantly the ending.
U killed Spiderman, I'm suing you for traumatising my child.
Jack Hawkins - I thought u would have clocked him. He was a Cabin-boy after all

Michael said...

It is far too late for that - the 'dangerous ideas' have all left the barn - and live happily inside mass media fables from comic books to video games. All that's left is to give the archetypes their "proper" names.

Michael said...

I found this interesting little nugget at the NY Daily News:
Don't Take Law into Own Hands

Which ties in to the justice/vengeance meme of this "spell".

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