Dec 23, 2007

The Chronoliths

The Chronoliths by Robert Charles Wilson

American software developer Scott Warden is living a careless expatriate life on the beaches of 21st century Thailand when a monolithic pillar, sheathed in ice and composed of an unknown, indestructible material, appears in the jungle. The artifact is a chronolith, a memorial commemorating the conquest of Thailand--20 years in the future. As Warden follows his estranged wife and badly injured daughter back to the U.S., more chronoliths celebrating future victories appear, to devastating effect. Bangkok and Jerusalem are destroyed, and societies worldwide dissolve in chaos or teeter on the brink of collapse. As the chronoliths close in on America, Scott joins with biker and undercover agent Hitch Paley and experimental physicist Sue Chopra in a literal race against time to find a way to change the future--which has already happened. --Cynthia Ward

Chronoliths are Pillarmids from the future - gigantic stela that suddenly erupt out of nowhere, commemorating a future victory of a future warlord - Kuin (Cain?). Time’s arrow. Wilson presents the “freeze-pop” theory of temporal events. An Age can be thought of as a glass of water that is gradually freezing, from the bottom up. As time progresses up the glass, all possibilities are frozen below, while still fluid above. I admit to being fascinated by this idea, because it explains a lot. 32 degrees F is the cut-off, and interesting to my third Masonic eye, 33 is the final degree of possibility for free will.

If we are nearing the end of an Age, then all the “water under the bridge” is now frozen, and there are only a few degrees remaining of possibility. As the glass freezes solid, all the threads of possibility crystallize into the grand finale, and what once appeared to be random events are now seen as inevitable. Like a cosmic Holmes explaining/illuminating the scene of the crime. Pre-destined, so to speak.

Crystalline Entity - Star Trek TNG

Maybe synchromysticism is the recognition of this crystallizing nature of space-time. All these crazy coincidences, all these names/numbers/people/events that are suddenly related to each other, as if they’re all connected in a fractalline, crystalline nature/entity.

As the cosmic Margarita freezes, sometimes “ice cubes” of frozen possibility float to the surface “ahead of their time”, which we notice as syncs. That’s what prophecy is - the notice and subsequent interpretation of bits of frozen possibility drifting past. Sometimes the ice cube is an ice berg, and when it strikes the Titanic or even the island of Manhattan (Ground Zero = freezing in Celsius), we all feel it.

I’m wondering, maybe “global warming” is the last gasp of this Age. The attempt at a few more degrees of freedom. Which is a fine thing for everyone, but especially for a leopard desiring to change his spots. There's still time.

Can the Ethiopian change his skin or the leopard its spots? Neither can you do good who are accustomed to doing evil. --Jeremiah 13:23


aferrismoon said...

A word on Mount.Hermon and the Dew.
In the Hebrew it reads KTL-HRMVN
The K - as the
TL - Dew
HRMVN - Harem
Ok so the hebrew does diacritic marks to change to word-meaning, but its in the dictionary. I will check some other sources..
HR = mountain, so thats why I find Mount Hermon a bit tautological.
The Dew of Mount MVN , whatever the houri MVN means.
Anyhow the dew dripping down Aron's beard in a Harem proves too much to ignore.
Thanks for this verse, I'll do a bit of Xmas research.
Chronoliths , Time-stones, mountains, pillarmids

Michael said...

Mount Hermon could be Mountain Mountain? Hmmm. Yea, I have a feeling about that dew two. Thanks for the comments, as always.

Merry Christmas all!

aferrismoon said...

DooDoo Do check out
at Youtube
ToiToi are a ToiletCabin maker and distributor here in CzechRepublic.

Michael said...

Toi Toi Tardis! That's one of my nicest Xmas presents - thanks. I guess there really isn't anything new under the sun... or moon. I'll have to add Southpaw (left-handed, like me) to the sync list.

Michael said...

JB (the other JB) wrote me with a cool insight I wanted to share:

"I wonder if ground zero might refer more to absolute zero. A temperature at which no degrees of freedom exist and where strange quantum effects occur."

That's fucking brilliant. Thanks!

JB said...

There's ANOTHER JB?! Now I'm jealous.

Adam Star said...

Love the conceptualization of frozen time and the 33 degrees. Beautiful.

Atlantean Times said...

Micheal this is fucking brilliant thanks m8.

i am working on these lines right now and one of the things i was going to suggest which now seems redundant is that the giza plateau did exactly just that.

it just poped up in a time warp of some kind....

i dont fnnn believe this.

my next suggestion is also going to be that somehow water is the key to being able to move around in time.

The SUBLIMATION point of water or zero point of water has great significance i feel both as a metaphor and as a tangible gateway perhaps.

at this point water can exist in all three states...

would you mind if i reference this


Michael said...

Gav - I'm blushing. Thanks, and sure, reference it - that's what blogs are for!

Devin said...

the 'freeze-pop' theory is fascinating -I am gonna read that book -thanks Michael!!

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