Dec 22, 2007

I Just Wanna Fuck and Dance

I'm a little jealous of Jake Kotze's recent takeover of the gay meme over at The Blob, so in order to assert my own queerness, I present the ultimate synchro-homo mashup - I Just Wanna Fucking Dance. By some anon VJ in Ibiza (which is no doubt very close to Patmos, St. John's mushroom isle). Via the keen eye of Doug over at Unnatural Devotions.

I have just one thing to say: any clip that both opens and closes with JA is mighty fine.

The Queer Underground Stream


Doug said...

Thanks for the link! Now I want to see this in an Imax version, though the sensory overload might be dangerous.

Jake Kotze said...

Hi Michael

I have always had trouble overcoming the fear of engaging unknown woman (who I practically worship) in dialogue. At the same time I have often found myself being hit on by gay men, making me often question my sexuality. This year I had a vivid encounter with my Holy Guardian Angel (very much Valis flavoured) and asked said entity :"What gives, in this sexual regard?". It was the ultimate smart-ass, acting like it knew everything (it was pretty impressive, mind) about me and replied calmly (but mechanically..). "Because of nature and nurture you resonate the cup". The feminine receptive emotional oceanic moon energy. "You need to develop the sword". The directed penetrative solar force energy. As a man who resonates the cup so strongly I end up attracting swords (like men or females who or very dominant and want a cup) or small cups who can be filled by my as yet underdeveloped solar energy (females of low solar energy desire). There it is, as things stand. Sexuality is a wonderful and most challenging game. I have massive amounts yet to discover and learn. The idea that the Tunney Tribute even approximates an attempt at appearing masculine amuses me no end. Its a joke, but a small nod to the advice given by the entity that talked to me the evening of my visiting the Eden project, after taking allot of 'dirty amphetamines' and smoking marijuana.

Much respect to your work here Michael


JB said...

Jake: "I have always had trouble overcoming the fear of engaging unknown women (whom I practically worship) in dialogue. At the same time, I have often found myself being hit on by gay men."

Wow. Same thing here. Not that I've ever questionned my sexuality (I'm in theory 99.9% hetero, the 0.1% being Johnny Depp, of course). Being a 26 year old virgin doen't help, and my very own "cup", Deidamia/Manon whom I've spoken of quite often on my sight, has recently coldly rejected me once again, after four months and one week of absence from my life.

I feel like bitch-slapping her, or crying like a little bitch. Either way, a "bitch" of sorts will be involved.

Oh, and its finally December 23rd, 2007! I'll finally turn into the BEAST tonight! Or not. Probably not.

Michael said...

Doug - I admit to watching it at least ten times last night. Amazing.

Jake - thanks for the reply. Much respect back.

JB - the beast is caged inside our pants/shame.

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