Dec 21, 2008

The Dick of Death

My first boyfriend had what is called a "dick of death" - a cock so big you're afraid you're gonna die! But you don't, and pretty soon the pain turns to ecstasy and the doors of heaven open wide. I guess I've always been "up" for a challenge?

The first (and only) Atomic bombs used "in anger" were the spawn of the Manhattan Project, synching them up with Masonic Manhattan, AKA New Jerusalem. The Hebrew's secret weapon was the Ark of the Covenant, a box of mysterious power that some have postulated was a radioactive device of alien origin. The American Freemasons saw America as New Israel, and this "anointed" sense of self-righteousness sits just below the surface of American culture and politics. The latest Chosen People.

Every Chosen People needs a Weapon of Mass Destruction, and so we built one.

Raiders of the Ark. Fanning the flames?

The hydrogen bomb has that iconic H, which I take to represent masculine twins - guardians. The Ark of the Covenant was topped by twin Cherubim, and the twin bombs dropped on Japan were nicknamed 'Little Boy' and 'Fat Man', which also happen to be terms of endearment for the masculine organ. Cock = Bomb = Ark of the Covenant. The "love gun".

An orgasm is called "the little death", alluding to the temporary ego destruction of orgasm, AKA "release". So the penis is the bringer of both life and death, and life after death - the agony and the ecstasy. A God-like production indeed.

Homosexuals have become all too familiar with the "death" aspect of cock. AIDS is literally "death from serving cock", and so, like modern Levites, we've developed safeguards and rituals that keep us alive even in the presence of the Ark. We're told to always wear a condom before penetration, which would be written by Levites as:

"Cloth yourself in a robe of radiant latex before entering the Holy of Holies or else bring down the wrath of Jehovah upon you and your family for seven generations!"

Levites had their customary outfits, and so did the gay priests of St. Francis (AKA Starfleet HQ): Levi's Jeans. Red tag, gold thread and all. Which leads me to an interesting aside.

A friend came to visit the other day wearing a pair of Quicksilver brand jeans. I noticed they had a red tag, and I asked if they were Levi's, because (since I used to know a Levi's exec) I know that Levi's guards it's red tag trademark like a Levite guards the One True Name of his God. And yet, here were a pair of jeans that had a red tag but were NOT authentic Levi's. They were Quicksilver - AKA Mercury, AKA Hermes/Thoth/Lucifer. Apparently the devil has gotten around the copyright. The anti-jean?

Levi's jeans were once literally currency. Back in the day, an American could help fund his backpacking grand tour of Europe by packing extra pairs of Levi's (purchased at the GAP?), to be sold to grateful Europeans for double keystone markup and STILL undersell the rapacious Euro retailers.

And do you know WHY the New Levites chose the Levi's 501 jean as the "uniform"? Because no jean, before or since, has ever shown off a basket of cock or a bounty of ass like Levi's 501 jeans. So I dunno... maybe a quality brand still matters.

My hubby sent me this today: Jesus (Al Parker) both in uniform and out. (note the fireplace) Slay me!

Jesus says: "I have cast fire upon the world, and see, I am guarding it until it blazes." --Thomas 10


aferrismoon said...

Maybe someone 'pissed on his bonfire'.

One may wonder deeply about the sexual-religious expression that = atomic energy as annihilative.

And why it was something put together by Jews and Christians, albeit imagining that they had some how transcended religion - Instead they recreated the very story that they'd been running from via rational science.

A Dick = KcID backwards - shum kind of shacrifishe.
Oh Abe , don't press that button, kill a Ram instead.


Devin said...

Michael-You really make me smile sometimes! Hi aferris also. My current but perhaps x has one of those-but does not know how to use it so to speak! Best to you and yours-hugs too!

Devin said...

sorry Michael-after this no consecutive commenting:-) totally agree with your thoughts in the post regarding wmds and 501s-dont know your age but I was a teen when those first became popular-omg the fantasies i had going-if only some of my classmates knew!

Michael said...

Mr. Moon - Exactly. Like we can't escape the archetypes. The LAST thing any people should want is to be "chosen", I mean, don't they read the bible? ;-)

Devin - Hope your current/Ex can get his rear into gear, so to speak. I have a bit of a Levi's fetish, I suppose. I was thinkin' the other half of the gay uniform that evolved in the 70's was the plaid flannel shirt, and since I'm thinking of them as "priests", then maybe the plaid is a synch wink to Ireland and Scotland, land of the Druids?!

Cheers, Michael

Devin said...

Good one Michael! You know-a lot of it is me-when I am looking at or making love to my 'one' I am kind of lost in admiration-I do not think I am none to good looking and I feel like Apollo (not thinking of the buick :-) is paying me a visit when I gaze in adoration at his form (body more than the other thing-i know to some gay men there is no such thing as too big-but to me there is) I do feel a soul connection to him also-in our relationship it has been so hard to get things worked out-you can tell how wordy I am-and he is one of vast masculine silences-if I can find a way to keep him I will go to the ends of the earth to do it-he must see something in me he likes besides ass-becuase he could get any ass male of female (almost) that he wanted-he looks very similar-not quite-but they could be bros to danny nunez on my blog-and he sure as heck isnt after my bucks-i have 3.63 in my checking and 7 bucks in my wallet! I am finally starting to look thin again-but this hasnt been normal weight loss-too fast-but he put up with me at 255-I do think he likes my form better at 195. Wish us luck-i am always hoping the best for you and Varen (god I love that name)I hope you guys have a beautiful holiday and a fantastic 2009!

Michael said...

Hi Devin, I know exactly how it is with the that. My own "dick of death" was similar, and it was just something to be experienced, a lesson of a lifetime? It really doesn't matter that it ended, but that it happened?

I have some more crazy synchs with "my first love" coming up.

Varen means "sailing" in Dutch, which I happen to like very much.

Cheers, Michael

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