Dec 18, 2008

Caroling With Shiva

I've been considerably amazed by our man in London and his microscopic examination of the Mumbai Massacres at The Daily Behemoth. Bloodhound Ben tracks every synch to ground, pinning the symbols to the internet like an entomologist pins butterflies to his board. The nefarious goings on in Mumbai somehow struck a chord with me also, (see Rudderless) the strings of which continue to vibrate.

In his recent, Jubu-ga-joob!, he ties the Synchronystic Foundation victims to 'Mara': Sanskrit and Pali, mara means 'death-bringing' or 'destroying'.

In Germanic and Scandinavian folklore, the Mara is a creature akin to a succubus, associated with the 'Old Hag' known to sufferers of night terrors and sleep disorders.... In German-speaking countries, the phenomenon of 'Old Hag' was known as Mare- the word from which our own 'nightmare' is derived.'

Mara synchs with all things maritime and Mary, toward which these symbols are always pointing.

Which is interesting to me on three points, one being the relation to Shiva, the second being my documented record of sleep disorders, and third, the fact that the Synchronystic Foundation is FOUNDED upon sightings of an entity they have interpreted as Mary (the divine feminine) in NELSON County, Virginia.

Nelson is my mother's maiden (Virginian) name. My mother has always held a "larger than life" position in the family, and considering her mastery of the 'domineering mother' it's a wonder she had any straight kids at all. Carol has always been a firm and loving parenting figure who I remember commanded respect from even my teenage and young adult friends - they would joke about Carol as if she were the kind of person who must be appeased. A Queen Victoria type? To my mother's credit she never threw me out for liking boys and as time goes on she has come to accept and even enjoy Varen as my chosen partner, though like Sarah her hopes for grandchildren grow dim.

But this is where it gets strange... because Varen's stepmother was ALSO named... Carol Nelson!! His birth mother died of cancer when he was young, and his Jewish father (not religious) married his second Shiksa, who was the personification of his blonde goddess fantasies, who was born in Walhalla, North Dakota! Where HER father was the undertaker at Nelson Funeral Home, which seems an appropriate occupation in the "Hall of the Slain".

THIS Carol Nelson apparently had a near supernatural beauty and glamour about her, I heard tales of it on my visit to Varen's family in NYC. However, this Valkyrie turned out to be every inch the demoness from hell, becoming the classic wicked step-mother to my partner Varen. He remembers cocaine driven rampages and dodging vases...

Later, Varen's father set Carol up with her own boutique in Englewood NJ - an "upscale" women's handbag store. Handbags are 'vessels', synching with grails. Eventually (inevitably?) Carol becomes enamored with a young and handsome handbag designer of Egyptian descent: Sharif. She leaves Varen's father for Sharif (Paris?), who quickly realizes that this Helen is actually a she-devil and well, the rest of the tale's not pretty.

Which is all exceptionally strange, even for me. The symbolic capstone to the story is that my own Carol was born in Tacoma within sight of the Narrows Bridge to the Olympic Peninsula, which has become my personal concretized totem of the Stargate/Bifrost bridge - the stairway to heaven and... Valhalla.


The name Carol is tied to the Grail Legend through the Carolingian Dynasty (known variously as the Carlovingians, Carolings, or Karlings) who, through conniving with the Papacy wrested the Frankish throne from the Merovingians in 751.

The trident symbol has long been documented at Through the Looking Glass. Todd's recent post: WTC: World Trident Center confirms the trident symbolism encoded into the twin towers (I seem to recall Aferrismoon synching the same?)

We were walking through downtown Kirkland ("church" land) yesterday and we passed a small office that was having some work done by the CARDINAL heating and A/C company. We BOTH noted that the owner of the office was unusually handsome and dressed in black, very stylish. Our own little Jesuit?


aferrismoon said...

I linked the WTC Trident with the Dealey Plaza Triple Underpass, which is the same design, but of course much larger.
Oddly in my post JANE'S TOP THAT CRAZY THING i added a quote from Jane's Defence Weekly, which discussed India's Homeland Security.
"India's extensive land borders means insurgents have little need to penetrate India's coastal or port security. [ I hear Nelson laughing]. Instead the focus here is more on securing these facilities against possible attack, rather than infiltration......."

I added ' I hear Nelson laughing' - imagining Nelson from the Simpsons braying at their inaccurate reporting. The JDW issue was the Oct/Nov issue and came out a month or so before the Mumbai attacks.


Thuth said...

Dude, this is awesome.

You are hitting the same place I am, and others are hitting that I have talked to.

The synchs are starting to be a conversation with US, personally. For me, it used to be about looking for synchs in the news, now I turn to the events in the news AND my personal life. For example, my wife was talking about Paris and Helen today after we watched the Odyssey on SciFi. Then I read your post where you mention it. I never think of Helen or Troy, but today - bam, bam.

Valis/Enki/The Universe/Whatever has begun to converse with us directly. It's as though through the work of past year or two we've learned the language. Now, whatever it is, want's to talk to us directly.

I have a story about the most amazing series of VERY personal synchs that I'm going to post soon. Certainly things happen in the media and through the archetypes of our collective consciousness, but I seriously think we're starting to move past that point into something more personal for each of us serious synch searchers.

I'd love your thoughts about this (or any of the regular brainiacs that comment on your blog).

Much Bliss,


Ps. Also my messanger for the most important syncs of my life has been Verne Troyer. Troy as in Helen and Paris. Verne as in your partner. Through these synchs I think there is some kind of connection between us. Thoughts?

Michael said...

Mr. Moon - When I read "I hear Nelson laughing", and thought you were referring to the naval defender of England - Lord Nelson, since he would laugh at any sense of complacency concerning "homeland" security.

Nelson and England and the Old Navy and defense have all been on my mind lately, for no good reason except the synchs have set up a bombardment.

Thuth - I completely agree with what you're saying. We see news events, we interpret the symbols as if they were dreams. We see our life events, we begin to interpret them in the same way... as if they were dreams. The Dreaming Mind is Awakening in the Dream.

And why not? the Universe is All. That means every little thing that happens in our lives probably has symbolic meaning. We're just starting to understand the language - the language of symbols, dreams and synchronicity. I don't consider myself fluent, not even close, but at least I'm open to the idea that it exists, and that we are all being sent back to school.

Devin said...

Michael-what a fantastic post! I am definitely going to have to check out jug-a-joob-I also enjoyed your humor in this one!(domineering mother):-) I will also be back to this post and aferrismoons and I am still trying to add you-it is under blogs I follow but not letting w/out updates my blog list. The Mara/Mary theme really hit me as did others. I was astonished when I came here because I was going to start doing a set of posts about -but not as most would perceive it reicarnation/samsara/what is a soul? etc regarding feelings in my own life-kind of a new theory too, but again not sychromystic, just paranormal so some of the names I saw in this post hit me also along these lines. Best to you as always and I hope you and yours are doing great-hugs too!

Devin said...

Ugh-forgot after I get this series rolling (hopefully) I would really appreciate any thoughts you, aferris and so many others might have-if you think I am heading in the right or wrong direction.

Devin said...

Geez Michael-sorry for commenting so much-me OCD you know-if you don't like it I will stop-forgot again to mention that I think Varen is a beautiful name-don't know how it is pronounced but I think there is a Varennes France-sorry to hear about troubles growing up with wicked step! I am saving this post to faves-I was raised in a city called Englewood-but in Colorado-received my first 'bashing' in Denver. I really like the lines of thought you and aferris,wise woman,M.Skaggs and others are going along-if any other synchro-folk see this please do not be offended as I can not keep up with the ones I link to now if I didn't mention you-I have seen many synch blogs and enjoy them all. I wish the both of you and family (the good ones) and friends all the best.

Michael said...

Hi Dev - thanks for the comments, always appreciated. I have trouble adding blogs also, not sure why. Englewood means Angel Wood, an interesting synch. Another personal Mara synch is that I had a business relationship with a guy who's name was Raven and his wife was Mara! Both delightful people.

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