Dec 20, 2008


I've been reading Michael Tsarion lately, just web pages mostly, devoted to the idea that the Hyksos Pharaohs and Akhenhaton were the real Jews, and that the entire religious "sham" known as Judeo-Christianity is founded on this ancient sun worshipper. According to Tsarion, the Freemasons, Illuminati, Catholics, etc. are simply different shadows of the same black sun, all artfully controlled through the Black Pope and the Jesuits, the original secret agents.

It makes fascinating and difficult reading for a Christian, and Tsarion makes many incontestable points that cause a bit of indigestion in the swallowing, I admit. I have enough solar "worship" synchs in my life that demand to be accounted for, Virgin Mary beach towel included (see In the Shadow of Giants for more). Something deep inside says he's right, or at least half right, and my thinking about this very strange religion called Christianity has been CONVERTED.

What IF solar worship was really what Egypto/Judeo/Christo religion was all about? And... would that necessarily be a "bad" thing? The Navajo are sun worshippers, and they know that they only worship the sun as a SYMBOL of their real God. So they don't actually worship the sun, they worship their God THROUGH the symbol of the sun, sorta like the symbol is a gateway (stargate) to their true God!?

Which is exactly what Christians do with the cross and what Americans do with the stars and stripes and I suppose Freemasons do with capstoneless pyramids and such. And honestly, it's what I do with cock. I'm a fag and I worship cock. I worship cock because cock is the best symbol for God that I have, better even, I must say, than the sun. But that's just my opinion, and I'm not really prepared to kill you if you prefer another symbol for God (or no god).

That would put me in the minority, because Jews, Catholics, Protestants, Americans and Moslems all have a tradition of conversion by the sword. Which is so crazy, because they all say the SAME THING about God. It's like you're in the supermarket soup aisle (isle) and one soup is Moslem and the other is Kosher, and they both come at you with swords demanding you choose THEIR brand, even though the cans are all filled with exactly the same thing!

Homosexuals have long been targeted for Conversion - from gay to straight. The Christians are always seeking converts, and electro-shock (to the balls) aversion conversion is one of many perverse methods of the Ex Gay "ministry". Abu Ghraib was probably run by an X gay.

Burn the witches!

Darth Vader is also interested in conversion:

"He will join us or he will die!"

Which kinda reminds me of the warning Yah makes to Adam concerning the tree.

And of course, the Borg also convert you. The borg have the added wrinkle of removing free will from the equation - once converted to Borg catholicism, always converted (unless you're 7 of 9).

Which brings me to one of the stranger wings of the gay erotic library: forced conversion from straight to gay (see here or here). Erotic mind control, muscle growth, etc. A wing I admit to spending considerable time in. It's actually offensive, the idea that straight guys can be made gay... against their free will. And it's not all just leather and chains, those are merely crude symbols. The best stories are when the straight guys convert because of lust, pure and simple. Desire. The fuel (faggots) of Conversion. God, my cock LOVES those stories.

Which is of course... ridiculous. It would be morally wrong to MAKE someone a fag. Which is exactly what God did to me... against my free will. And I wouldn't have it any other way.


Devin said...

Wow Micheal-more greatness! I will have to come back to this one also. The only thing I might add here-but I hope I am remebering corrrectly is that in many creation myths and 'early' religions the cock did indeed equal or almost equal the sun. I must be a hell of a sun worhipper because I worship cock like crazy-and always from being on the receiving end so to speak-cock completes me:-) so to speak. I think in the literature of Jung there is a story about one of his patients being able to see the Sun's 'phallus' and how it moved and created the wind. I believe Jung was astonished when he later came upon a creation myth in Mithraism-where indeed the sun did have a cock and also created the winds! Best to you and yours as always-hugs too! I caught myself this time b4 having to 'come' back-I have not had a chance to worship much ar my favorite altar lately!

aferrismoon said...

I wonder if the Egypto-Judaeo-Xristos-Islam guys all worship Sirius/Sun/Moon , though they've either forgotten or have covered it so as not develop the idea of the Trinity.
The focus on the middle East, north Africa , 'Holy' Land makes these religions a big winner, essentially semitic death cults [ which have no problem dismissing a lot of other religions , ways of apprehending universe].
The Semitic 3 seem to have the least sense of humour of any beliefs - no problem for them to dismiss 'fags'. U can't even joke about these 'avatars'.
And have they not become that , a collection of avatars, icons, images and dire senseless translations, manic literalism.
Mind u The Egyptian and descending religions I doubt have even reached Genesis , let alone puberty.


aferrismoon said...

Oh and check the City logo for SOCORRO, on the Jornada Del Muerte

Michael said...

Dev - thanks. With all the obelisks swinging around Egypt and the Vatican, (and London and DC) the phallic symbolism is everywhere. Which I find understandable if you claim to worship a male God, but it's all so mediated and second class - a symbol of a symbol of God. The Pope should whip open his dress and show the flock his "rod of iron"! Definitely a pretender.

Mr. Moon - Yea, it's all about the brand these days - the biggest brands make the most money, just ask Apple.

Cheers, Michael

Esperanto Grrl said...

I've always felt that Western historians gave Akhenaten many more virtues than he deserves: after all, he combines our love of monotheism with our respect for rebels that go against the system.

In reality, Akhenaten's state run sun-worship cult was meant more for the upper class and to break the power of the priests. The god of Egypt that listened to the orphan and widow and the poor was Amon, whose worship Akhenaten did away with.


There's a commonly held belief that Christianity appropriated a Sun-worship holiday and took it for their Christmas. As usual, history is more complex than we think: there was a great article in the New York Times on the 18th that argued that it was actually the other way around, sun-worshippers co-opted the Christian holiday!

Michael said...

EG - great comment! Could you point me toward a source (besides the NYT article), that elaborates on Amon?

Thanks, Michael

Michael said...

Mr. Moon - thanks for the Socorro reference. So many interesting connections on that road.

Esperanto Grrl said...


Michael said...

Thanks EG. Much appreciated. -M

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