Dec 10, 2008

The Holy Tugboat

A wonderful maritime blog has recently come to my attention: Tugster, devoted to all things boatish on the Hudson River, but especially tugboats. Tugboats are essential in seaports; the local guides who bring the giant ships in for a safe landing. Since the Hudson is symbolically the River Jordan and Manhattan is symbolically New Jerusalem, I found it instructive to view the job of a tugboat.

A tugboat is a small but immensely powerful little boat able to push or pull ocean leviathans to their docks. Tugs have a pugnacious, bulldog air about them, and tugboat captains are famous for their ability to stand up to the high brow Captains of liners and freighters and convince them to "tow the line".

Theodore Tugboat is the personification of the brave little tugboat, who is similar to 'Little Toot', and also 'The Little Engine That Could'.

A great ship has to surrender its helm to a tugboat, and this is where the friction between captains occurs, because the captains of great ships aren't used to being put in the subservient position, and it makes me think of myself as a great ship - an enormous Ego floating on the Sea of Being. Except this ego is kinda weary of being at sea, and would like to come in for a landing, maybe a little R&R? But maybe the only way to actually dock is to (temporarily) surrender my free will to a tugboat?

No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him, and I will raise him up at the last day. --John 6:44

So maybe Jesus is my tugboat? And I'm not saying there aren't other tugs in the harbor, most of them a lot newer and shinier than the ol' J, but I'm an old sea dog - I'll take the reliable tow.

Which tugs me to pop sci-fi, and the invention of the Tractor Beam - an invisible ray that draws things towards it, like a tugboat.

As Han Solo (representing the Luciferic Ego) approaches the "small moon", he and the Millennium Falcon are immediately caught in a powerful tractor beam.

The first time Jean Luc Picard (representing the Luciferic Ego) encounter the Borg cube, he and the Enterprise are immediately caught in a powerful tractor beam.

The Borg is a perfect cube, and the Death Star is a perfect sphere. Both of which 'comply' with John the Revelator's measurement of New Jerusalem.

Hmmm. Maybe tractor beams represent the Holy Spirit drawing us to the Father... like a tug boat? Gravity is the classic example of an invisible yet inexorable tug, and my sneaky spider-sense says that this is indeed what is happening... God is turning up the gravity of the situation!

Rocketry is the study of escaping gravity, of which the Nazis were particularly adept and taught the Americans all they knew. If gravity is literally "The Force", then what exactly is it we are attempting to escape? Does Gravity = Judgment? Are Masons subconsciously hell bent on the "X-Prize" because they are trying to get off the planet before... Judgment Day?

And maybe not just Masons, but their Archetypal Masters too... the Old Gods. Rats deserting a sinking ship. But not REALLY sinking, because that's just ANOTHER illusion of the Projectionist!? Maybe he's the one who is sinking, and his time is short! Spaceship earth is caught in the Tractor Beam, AKA the loving and mighty arms of the Most High Tugboat. Maybe resistance really IS futile.

Heathcliff Notes:

On the summer of '07 camping trip to Lopez Island (see The Wreck of the Zodiac), we came upon an amazing sight in the village: a perfectly restored old tractor, painted fluorescent orange and adorned with an MM logo. Still processing...


Devin said...

John the revelator-hes a smooth operator! The Little Engine That Could was my favorite book as a child-although I kind of turned into The Little Engine That Couldn't (thinking of Sexton here too) if that isn't a synchromystic last name I don't know what is,
Best to you as always-hugs also!

Michael said...

Dev: Sexton - who's that? BTW, thanks for posting some poetry by William Blake on your blog. He is a MOST interesting character, and one I am drawn to.

Cheers, Michael

Devin said...

Oh-she is a modern poet-committed suicide in the 70s-i am thinking she is one of those poets people either love or hate-I really love her stuff-in my november archives i posted 'love letter written in a burning building' thinking of my relationship and also sometimes the melancholy that affects me-although not to suicide-I am so glad you like Blake-I was properly introduced to his work by a person at a discussion forum-his stuff is magical to me-I may even post something by him tomorrow to space an H/A post -I am also drawn to him-so glad you stop by when you can and I hope the best for you and yours and send hugs too!

Devin said...

the good ole 11:33 timestamp appears again! when i post or comment i also get the 'pi' number a lot 3:14 -thanks again so much for your blog!

aferrismoon said...

Sound idea - even Toot goes with Toot-and-Come-In , the Egyptian flavoured God.
I remember we had a Tugboat character in one of the British childrens progs.
Sometimes wonder if resistance = necessary/essential until it becomes futile


Christopher Knowles said...

Michael, what's your take on the Borg Queen in First Contact, and her scene with Data? Any interesting subext?

I know this isn't in your balleywick, but why is the Borg Queen so damn sexy? It's just wrong.

Offtopic- AD Skinner in TXF is definitely FOD. Watch "Avatar" for all the clues. Or, better yet, watch this.

Google word-ver scrying: "cunlet"

Michael said...

Christopher, Data and his twin brother are worth a post of their own someday. They are an interesting pair, evoking both Enki and Enlil and John and Jesus.

Remember when Lore took the emotion chip that was meant for Data... sounds kinda like the Masonic version of John the Baptist?

But as far as specific subtext in that film, I'd suggest that perhaps Data is playing Adam and his "upgrade" offered by the Borg Queen (AKA God) is analogous to being made "perfect". The reason the Borg Queen is sexy is the elephant in the room of religion that nobody wants to talk about.

Skinner was the one all the gay boys thought was hot.

Cheers, Michael

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