Oct 25, 2009

Best in Show

This pic surfaced at Unnatural Devotions and it just fascinates me. WHAT THE HELL is going on here? The B&W gives it a retro quality, certainly not an iPhone grab. Handsome, perfectly proportioned bodybuilders standing around NAKED in a fancy theater or performance hall, with that suit looking over the stud (standing at relaxed attention) like he's a purebred champion at a dog show?!!!

Never mind that this is one of my favorite darker fantasies, it looks like someone has brought it to life! My imagination runs wild... Is this a spy pic from a secret Illuminati slave auction? The Bohemian Grove? A Bilderberg evening's entertainment?

I'll have you know I took TOP DOLLAR at the Kappa Sig fraternity slave auction back in 1980 - so eat your heart out you uber Nazi muscle whore!!


Christopher Knowles said...

An audition for a live-action version of Den, it looks to me. Any opinions on Mr Corben, Michael?

They look British, is all I can add.

Michael said...

Yes, that's quite the root on that fellow. Corben's Den certainly interested me as a teenager - not too many places to find pics of super hung naked bodybuilders back in the day! Though Den was straight, I note that Corben was drawing a lot of very muscled up figures, mostly the bad guys, which makes it kind of like Eternia - AKA the subconscious. Sometimes I think these artists are dealing with internalized (ha! I almost wrote eternalized!) homophobia through their depictions of sexy male demons and such, but that's the answer you would expect from me.

Not everything revolves around subconscious sexual urges, only say... 98%.

Devin said...

Holy moley!!! your theory just might be correct Michael -man what a hunk-thanks for the image -best to you and Varen as always!!!

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