Oct 21, 2009

The Hybrid Wars

Louisiana Justice of the Peace refuses to marry interracial couple

Judge Bardwell doesn't like the idea of "crossbred" children - he's anti-hybrid. Probably doesn't drive a Prius either. Which takes us straight away into the story of Noah and the Nephilim - those sneaky Sons of God/Angels who were interbreeding with human females - creating hybrid human/gods!

The synthesis of UFO conspiracy theory and Religious Fundamentalism is the idea that our modern UFO's are the old Nephilim, come back to finish what they began all those years before - a hybrid alien/human race. You can find plenty of conspiranoid ravings about the good god Enki who tried to help the slave primates rebel against their(our) masters (via genetic engineering), and you can also find plenty of ravings that cast Enki in an unflattering light - calling him Satan - the one who impregnated Eve (our primordial ape mother) with alien/reptilian seed, begetting Cain.

Racism take on a particularly creepy aura when seen through the prism of the Da Vinci Code - the holy blood, holy grail quest. Dan Brown explains it all for us: European royalty aren't merely entitled by their own hubris, but by their relation to some ancient bloodline - when they say "divine" right to rule, they actually mean it.

I can't help but wonder if dear Bardwell doesn't have Prison Planet and Sherry Shriner bookmarked on his computer? Maybe he's like an old Southern Baptist preacher, who prohibits dancing because it might lead to sex. Bardwell prohibits mixed-race marriage, because it might lead to human/alien hybridization - and we all know where that leads...

Which leads us straight away to the next big media story this week: Balloon Boy. Who happens to be a cute hybrid Anglo/Asian kid (Judge Bardwell would not approve) Who's dad (Richard Heene) is a follower of David Icke (trans-dimensional reptilian aliens and their secret agenda) who enacted (accidentally or deliberately) a symbolic "alien abduction" via mushroom/saucer shaped home-made balloon. Or maybe just a giant tinfoil chef's hat.

To Serve Man

The Secret Sun wonders if Balloon Boy's dad isn't the new Wilhelm Reich, the orgone-powered cloudbuster and spiritual father of tinfoil hats. You'll note that Sherry Shriner has a link to orgonewarriors.com.

Balloons represent transcendence and spiritual enlightenment, as do mushrooms. Being engine-less, they also represent a certain amount of trust - the hope of fair winds and a good landing. A successful balloon flight is traditionally celebrated with a bottle of champagne, and the tradition has a charming beginning: the first balloonists would often land in the field of some Proven├žal farmer, who would take them for aliens or demons. They would offer a bottle of champagne as proof of their humanity/Frenchiness.

One bolder than the rest stabbed it with a pitchfork.

Richard Heene is also keen on the solar apocalypse theory that would take place in 2012.

We're running out of time, we're running out of time, the end of the world is coming.

This all comes back around to Star Trek (as all things do) and we recall that August Piccard was the name of a pioneering French balloonist. Captain Picard often found himself landing his "balloon" on some backwards little provincial planet, desiring to prove his good intentions to the "farmers". Perhaps he would offer a bottle of champagne, easy enough with his replicator technology. Or perhaps... a sample of DNA for the scientists and for the rest of us, he'd wear a discrete cross on his lapel.


Christopher Knowles said...

Ah yes, the hybrids. Or the Rebis, or the homunculus, or what have you. Synthesis, in a word.

That Sherry Shriner person is certainly interesting. Synchs up with Elizabeth Clare Prophet in interesting ways...

Michael said...

Yea, those prophets are always declaring the end of the world is imminent. I suppose someday one of them will be right, but... not today! I remember catching ECP on cable back in the 80's - and her bizarre hypnotic, robotic style of speaking. Made me grab for the remote, that's for sure...

Devin said...

Fascinating thoughts again Michael-I dont have anything to add except that I thought the name of the French balloon man was interesting-and I loved that "To Serve Man" haha it's a cookbook! aaahhh!
my brain is really in off mode lately so I wont say more-best as always to you and Var!!

Esperanto Grrl said...

I've always been fascinated by UFOs, from a psychological and sociological perspective of course. They seem to embody our fears and anxieties. It's no coincidence they showed up in the panicky post-war years as "Foo Fighters."

The UFO culture's oddball idea that aliens are here to create hybrids says more about us than it does about them...our sexual terrors, one of the greatest is mixed-race sexuality. It's often been said that horror, a genre based around creating uncomfortable and socially relevant terrors, is the most conservative of all genres. The instincts horror and fear-based stories appeal to are often far from enlightened ones.

An anxiety about foreigners and mixed race groups can be seen even in things like Dracula. Carmilla, a vampire from the 1880s story of the same name, is made all the more villainous by her lesbianism.

Anyway, I just don't get the Nephilim fears. Unless pop culture has lied to me, wouldn't half-human half-god children have, I don't know, superpowers or something? In most world mythologies, the children of the gods (Gilgamesh, Hercules, etc.) turn out heroic monster-slayers. We could sure use a few like that on our side!

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