Nov 5, 2009

A Mess in Texas

The Texas synchs began last week. It was like crazy, one odd Texas reference after another, several per day. Even John referenced Texas in his comment on the previous America's Cup post. I really began paying attention after God's Amongst Men posted some more great pics of my favorite Dionysus resonator - Armon Adibi. Armon is from Dallas, and he lists his ethnicity on his social networking page as "Middle Eastern."
Also last Saturday, Var and I decided to make a spontaneous trip out to HOOD Canal. While there we made salad dressing with Balsamic vinegar, and had this whole strange discussion about balsam and what made vinegar "balsamic".
Today a gunman opened fire in Fort Hood, Texas - 12 soldiers dead and 31 wounded. Army psychiatrist MAJOR Malik Nadal Hasan is the leading suspect. Born in Virginia, and of Middle Eastern decent.
As Loren Coleman notes, today is Guy Fawkes day - "Remember, remember the 5th of November"! Guy Fawkes was the one framed in a plot to blow up the King and Parliament. He was the scapegoat, the fall guy.
Last night I had a dream with Farrah in it!? Don't remember much, she was just hanging out in my subconscious for some reason. Remember how her ex, Lee MAJORS, starred in the TV series The Fall Guy, playing a Hollywood stunt man.
Update 11/6: Farrah pimped Wella Balsam shampoo in 1977 print commercials.

It's as if the synchs have stopped winking and have begun seriously yelling: "Pay attention!" I have a feeling this event has some pretty major conspiracy tentacles attached to it - either literally or figuratively. I wonder if sometimes major events in the time stream send shock waves back through time, which we read as "premonition". Not to be alarmist, or anything.

Remember, remember, the 22 of November.
UPDATE 11/7: Thuth over at Conspiracy Grimoire has a new article up about the Fort Hood Massacre: Fort Hood Psyop Gone Wrong : Nidal Malik Hasan’s Monarch Programming Goes Haywire. Given the amazing coincidence that the tragedy occurred on Guy Fawkes day, it makes me wonder if Major Hasan wasn't intended to be Obama's assassin. A "disgruntled" officer of Palestinian decent with a few (CIA planted) ties to Iran, and voila! The War on Terror is back in business.
I just recalled another strange synch from our trip out to Hood Canal. We had stopped to pick up a few groceries in Tacoma and we followed an SUV out of the parking lot with a license plate that read BLACKOPS.


Anonymous said...

Hey Gosporn,

Thanks for the shout out. I love your theory about an Obama assassin. That's an interesting possibility.

I was revisiting some of my earlier content - cleaning it up, reposting some stuff, and the first article I did (seemingly randomly) was about Hurricane Ike crashing into Texas.

You Hood canal synch seems like a big a deal to me. Your being brought into this tributary.

The connection to Virginia Tech - where he went to school - seems like a BIG deal to me. Virginia Tech is some serious monarch training ground. It's been the nexus for many synch traumas.

Thanks for the comment. I'll be hanging out here more often. Hope all is well.



Michael said...

Hi Thuth, thanks for commenting. I have no idea why I am being sensitized to this story, but it does seem very odd to me. Hope things are well in your neck of the woods also,

Cheers, Michael

Devin said...

I will try to check out Thuth's blog also Michael! Man this was an extremely fascinating article for me as that is the first thing I thought of when the Hood massacre happened "did someone go off a little early" kind of like premature ejaculation mind control! I am definitely having some heavy feelings that Obama may not finish his term -and this horrifies me -I mean like the guy or not -deep political assassinations do nothing but harm this country -I hope my intuitions -premonitions? prove wrong as they so often do. Yesterday at Walgreens there was some Spanish language magazine with what was obviously supposed to be Obama from behind with 3 bullets speeding towards him! I mean sheesh -trigger mechanism-I thought it was illegal to do images like this? My dad's bday is Guy Fawkes day-I always meant to tease him about this as he doesnt believe in any conspiracies besides JFK!! all the best to you and Varen!!

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