Nov 11, 2009

Grail Racing: The Phallic Oracle

Giving the Swiss the finger since 2009

The 33rd America's Cup just keeps giving. Team BMW Oracle yesterday(11/10) unveiled their secret weapon - a massive hard wing sail, the largest ever made for a sailboat, bigger even than a 747 wing! This story is HUGE in sailing circles, the yachting internet is basically glued to the spectacle 24/7.

The first Sailing Anarchy post announcing this was entitled 'Get Hard'. The wing resonates hawks, eagles and Horus, and wouldn't you know it, just a few days before that, the massive trident resonating racing yacht was dismasted - breaking its carbon mast in two! Which gives us a symbolic castration of Osiris, followed by a glorious, Phoenix-like rebirth of the sun/son! The yacht is built entirely out of carbon, which is also the essential building block of life found within the DNA of all Creation.

But it gets even better, because the "erection" of the wing mast/phallus was accomplished in San Diego harbor, home of a gigantic military base of MARINES. The Marines - soldiers of Mary, or as the Egyptians called her, Isis. Recall that Larry Ellis, the founder of Oracle Corp, took his name from a tiny island/temple off Manhattan dedicated to a 33m tall image of Isis, this is what I wrote last year on Dec 23:

Anyway, this 33rd running promises to be a spectacle of spectacles, beginning with the perps: Larry Ellison, (A Russian Jew who's father literally took the name of Ellis Island as his own upon immigration) of Oracle Corporation, born Aug 17, 1944 in Manhattan. In 2003, Larry married Melanie Craft (a romance novelist with a name that synchs both Melusine and Masonry) in a wedding ceremony that included Apple CEO Steve Jobs as official wedding photographer. Larry co-owns with David Geffen the megayacht "Rising Sun". Oy vey!

In other words, Isis has found her husband's phallus.

Just for us: please, please let them paint the Eye of Horus on that wing. But the little blue and white (psilocybin colors) BMW quartered circle on that "hawk-nosed" bow comes pretty close...


John said...

Damn. This is just the most amazing freak show/sync factory ever. :-) Two of the world's most ruthless male billionaires, battling to the death for possession of an ugly "female" [the America's *Cup*], and the weapons of choice are gigantic floating erections. I am loving every minute of it... :-D

Michael said...

Yea, it's hilarious. I suppose this is what Jung was talking about when he said a person can be "possessed by an archetype". Neither of these two mega egos are in control anymore.

Kate and Ray said...

Love it. I can't believe how that thing would ever work!!!

Awesome catch with the Osiris / Horus rebirth.

When is this race?


Michael said...

They're still wrangling about all of that in court, but the race is scheduled for February 2010. The wings work very well, better than any soft sail, but they are very fragile and easily damaged (again, much like male egos). I just realized that the black and white color scheme with the BMW "eye" and the hawk nose could not be more bald eagle-like. The thing looks like Space Ghost's space ship!

Anadæ Effro said...

Michael! No way! This is totally, fucking muts! LOL! Thanks for your very sharp-eyed-like-a-hawk vision to post this up here. I s'pose you do have your fingers on the pulse of the bidniz, or rather your boat docked in the marina, or your draughtsmanship on the drawing board, or your ores in the water. Man o' man. The lengths men'll go to. As us elves would say, rolling our eyes, "Humans!" Nice one ~ (•8-D}

Christopher Knowles said...

Well, as I said all I see is the Dubal skyline. Maybe also some unconscious reference to Star Sailors as well. Funny how the ancient art of navigation is still the sport of princes.

Devin said...

This was certainly another fascinating article too Michael!! I enjoyed the comments very much also -what a story - Our modern princes as Christopher referred to them seem to enjoy this sport very much --
I enjoyed what John said and your reply about them being possessed by an archetype - where will this all end haha?
I think it's funny that the erection broke in half too- which led to your lovely thoughts about the Osiris myth which I still think about all the time in relation to Antinous and Hadrian also-best as always to you and Varen!!

Michael said...

Glad y'all are enjoying this as much as I am. Totally nuts. Can't wait to find out what card the crafty Swiss will play after this!

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