Nov 16, 2009

Conjuction Junction

What's your function?

That "Say A Little Prayer" lip-synching video you mentioned was very disturbing yet hot at the same time... --via the Bee Keeper


Michael said...

The little smirk from the one on the right at :08 is priceless.

Devin said...

Hahaha:-) that was indeed priceless Michael -the whole thing made me laugh -thanks again for your great blog and best to you and Var as always -thanks also for your excellent comment under "Gryphons" I think that is also the way it should be looked at instead of the other way round-but didn't catch it until you mentioned it (Dr Ways last sentence) Oh that reminds me I still have to check out the link you gave -I hope to keep with the mythical creatures for awhile and am glad people seem to enjoy them-thanks again!! interesting WV-haha especially thinking of gryphons as they nest =nestirod
now that would be an interesting thing to find in a nest :-)

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