Jul 28, 2007

Darker Green

Over at Exploring the Mysterious, Bev has posted this creepy Australian public service commercial featuring black balloons and hidden swastikas. The commercial advocates reducing household energy use.

It reminded me of this May 20 NYT video presentation: The Beauty of Green. The video showcases a luxurious townhouse built in Toronto that is also environmentally sensitive - aka "green".

Swastikas are also hidden within the architecture of this home, and it makes me wonder, is there an occult Fascist connection to parts of the Green Movement?


hoi polloi said...

Excellent question! Another one is: Who is really behind the global warming push?

Michael said...

the same blokes?

FilmNoir23 said...

MICHAEL!! Great follow-up and find.
This is uncanny...did Bev ever see this?

We have been sharing info on these balloon commercials...really trying to get to the heart of the symbolism. It is important to keep in mind which way the Swastika is pointing.

Would love your input on this stuff

Michael said...

I think I posted a link as a comment at ETM. In this case, the swastika is pointing in different direction depending upon which side of the door you are standing. The balloon thing... not much to add from what you've already deduced.

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