Aug 1, 2007

The Borg of Heaven

I've posted before about the connection between gay porn and the Star Trek universe, and my suspicion that Gene Roddenberry's characterization of the Borg is a Luciferian (ego-derived) vision of the Kingdom of God - see No Beliefs. Googling for 'borg cube heaven', I found a sort of confirmation at Luciferian Liberation Front.

Recently, the Star Trek series has shown the hideous and inhuman prospects of this collective mentality in their portrayal of the cyborgenic collective life form called "The Borg." The Borg have no individual wills or consciousness, they live only to serve the collective just as those in heaven will exist only to serve God. (Rev. 7:15) When we examine what God's intentions must be if all he wants are beings which will praise him ceaselessly with no resistance we discover that his plan is to develop an efficient energy device. The psychic/emotional energy which minds create in states of passion and submission is used by God as nourishment and power.

Passion and submission. Passion AND submission. Hmmm. Just who is passionate about submission? Why DO gay men wear leather harnesses? Women have to be submissive by virtue of their biology, but it takes a real man to submit to another man, and in that submission, we discover a profound truth - that the pleasure from submitting is even better than the pleasure from domination. Why ARE our asses designed that way? An accident of nature? Maybe not.

The writers of Star Trek the Next Generation were being prophetic in their visions of the Borg ship when they portrayed it as a giant cube. The inspiration of the Lightbringer; Lucifer, is manifest in their attempts to show humanity the connection between the amorality of collectivism and the New Jerusalem...

The funny thing is that the Luciferians don't know how "bad" it really is. The Borg/New Jerusalem drones don't just "assimilate" you into the collective, they fuck you into it. Nanoprobes aren't just tiny robots, they're semen - the DNA/manna/water of life of God. Ya gotta be fucked into heaven, and that's what Joel's Army is all about. The recruiting office opens at 11.


  • The Borg is a collective, much like a bee hive. Every hive has it's Queen, as does every gay bar. The Queen is a King: a symbolic hermaphrodite. Venus (the Morning Star) and Penus. Jesus?
  • The promised Land is a "land flowing with milk and honey".
  • Precum is called "cock-honey" in lots of gay fiction, and in his latest story, AKA describes a teenage boy's cum as acting like "honey for the bees".
  • "O'Mellissokomos" calls himself "the bee keeper", and personally, if I had a dime for every time some queen has called me "Honey", I'd be very rich.
  • The great bee colony collapse is in the news this year.


aferrismoon said...

Maybe this will be played out in a tiny organ sort of way with the introduction of their pathetic penis-the microchip. Authority, sort of like Monty Burns, a lot of material power but the phallus comes up short.
The play of sex minus of course the sex bit.
Thanks for listening to that clip from Wild@Heart. The official version of the script =Holy Shit! Night of the living fucking dead!
At present I hear: Holy Shit, 9 11 fucking down.
Keep the good work up

Michael said...

Thanks for the comments, much appreciated. The sublimation of male sexuality in the modern world is intense. It's OK to see male sex in guns, cars, fast boats and skyscrapers, but don't you dare exhibit an actual male sex organ - that's obscene.

Peanut: yea, that's what I hear too. Funny.

FilmNoir23 said...

I like your Bee connections in this article. I might reference some of it in an upcoming continuation of my Ceres work.

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