Aug 6, 2007

Back to the Future

Josef Howard writes very hot and very interesting muscle growth porn. One of the first MG stories I ever read was "Virus" - still one of my favs. Sometimes his stories (courageously) have bible myths and characters written in, which is an odd experience - like reading the bible with a hard-on. The best way to read it, IMHO.

His latest: 'Birthright III - A Ripple in Time' is a continuation of his version of the Jacob and Esau story - the younger brother receives the blessing of his father instead of the elder. In the bible myth (Genesis 25-28), Esau and Jacob are twins, though Esau was delivered first, so he was the firstborn, the entitled heir. Esau grows into an athletic hunter, a classic jock, the "football hero" - while Jacob is a "man of the tents", a mamma's boy, a weakling.

Esau didn't much care about the blessing - he even sold it to Jacob for a pot of beans. Jacob, on the other hand, coveted the blessing above all else, and he'd even lie, cheat and steal to obtain it. With the aid of his mother, Jacob fools his dying father into giving HIM the blessing, instead of Esau. When Esau discovers the trick, he becomes enraged at Jacob for his treachery, even though he never really valued the blessing in the first place. That is... until he lost it.

Jacob and Esau are archetypes. Jacob represents the sons of Adam (the race of men, us). Esau represents the sons of Cain, and through him, the sons of Samael - the angels (Eve is the mother of both sons, who were also twins). The angels are known as the sons of God - the firstborn - the red thread. They were the ones to receive the blessing, but... they grew complacent with their entitlement. Eventually, they sold their inheritance for a fraction of its true value. The Jews have played out this archetype as well - at first the chosen ones, then growing proud in their title, until finally selling out their inheritance, and so also, the Christians after them.

So finally, who is left? Who values the inheritance? No one. No one even knows what it is anymore. No one except maybe faggots...

In 'Birthright', the Jacob character isn't the son of Isaac, he's his homosexual lover, And Isaac isn't just a man, he's a super hero with god-like powers (hint). when Isaac dies, it is Jacob who receives Isaac's super powers instead of Isaac's hunky straight son Esau. Esau, driven by jealousy and hatred of Jacob, concocts a plan to use Isaac's time machine in order to go back in time and change events to his liking. He succeeds in his plan, at least for a while. He's even grown comfortable with his new world order, almost forgetting that his time is short - that Jacob would soon be following him back in time using that same machine. But Jacob does return and Esau's plan is thwarted.

It makes me wonder. Maybe Samael (AKA Satan, Lucifer, Esau) went back in time to the dawn of the human race in the Garden of Eden, in order to change events to be more to his liking - to remove the blessing from the Sons of Adam and return it back to the first born sons - the "rightful" heirs. Apparently he succeeded, at least for a while. Maybe the Second Coming is really Jesus/Jacob restoring the timeline - "the restoration of all things"?


aferrismoon said...

Within Hebrew or Jewish or Israelite philosophy the youngest is the most evolved as it is born more developed. This doesn't mean within the family but stages of human evolution.
Esau represents the land, like Abel, while Jakub represents a development of the human psyche, as Cain represents YHVHs incarnation in Man. He is given the mark , and the curse against those who would kill him, to show the 'slaves' that he is not to be touched. The less than divine always kill their messiahs. The struggle between YHVH and ADMH [ the female earth] for ADM and its generations seems the essential story of Torah.
The bible has a problem developing the psyche story within a historical , social context and thus we are led to believe Adam, Abraham etc really existed. They are us and deliver revelation at all times in all spaces.
The whole idea that one has to take part in deceit and trickery against one's own brother has delivered naught but captive minds and controllable bodies

Michael said...

Hi ferrismoon, thanks for the interpretation, not heard it before. All mythic traditions personify the archetypes into ancestors and gods, and it's often easier for me to meet the myth on its own terms, within the characters and story presented. However it's very true that these archetypes ARE us, and we act them out every day, whether consciously or not.

"The whole idea that one has to take part in deceit and trickery against one's own brother has delivered naught but captive minds and controllable bodies"

Yea. Focusing on that element ignores the more important one, which is that Jacob DESIRED the blessing while Esau held it in low regard. Thanks again for commenting,


FilmNoir23 said...

Not sure if you follow the TV show "Lost" but there is a mysterious character Jacob whom has not been seen yet but who seems to play an important role. I wonder how this might relate...

"Lost" is highly esoteric and I feel holds many clues/insights into the research we are all doing.

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