Aug 12, 2007

On the Nature of Hell

Found this provocative "Underground Gay Party" video on Youtube recently, and I thought some of the 55 comments were germane for this blog:

Can you say "Sodom & Gommorah?" (Isn`t it great!)

Hell is on earth that is a certainty! And I am gay...

i can't wait to go to hell

Is this really sexy or is it just a room full of Barbies? Its all about look at me and judge me on my size or physique. Its a kind of teenage idea. Erotic in the short term, but its the Stepford Wives all over again.

I went to the Folsom Street East. OMIGOD almost half of the people there were bodybuilders. How are gay men so successful at bodybuilding? It looked like many of them were over 200lb pure muscle...

Daaamn! Well, you know what they say... lol The gym is "gay church". Hehe. My boys go to the gym religiously.

someone should bomb that place

Its a party full of guys having fun and dancing. They certainly don't look like theyre asking anyone who doesn't want to be there to show up. Its simple....Ya don't like it? Theres a little bar at the top of the youtube site page. Type in a different search and get away from this.

it looks like gay hell.....sick.

Not gay hell, gay heaven. Gay hell is the world. The irony is that the fags appear to be in hell to the religious morality police, and the religious appear to be in hell to the fags. Maybe we all really do wind up in the heaven of our own choosing, with a clear view of the "damned" in eternal "torment". May we all choose wisely.

I don't care what you do with me, Brer Fox, says he, "Just so you don't fling me in that briar patch. Roast me, Brer Fox, says he, "But don't fling me in that briar patch. --Brer Rabbit

Added 8/13: More evidence that heaven and hell are at the end of the same road - perhaps across the street from each other. From the NYT (thanks, V)


aferrismoon said...

Looks like a Rammstein gig, they seem to be the muscle-bound expression in str8ville. I guess the guy saying 'this is hell, and I am gay' comes from the rebelling against religious parents clan.
No doubt pumpin' irony

Michael said...

That clan is fairly large, used to be a member myself.Does gay heaven = hog heaven? :-)

aferrismoon said...

Maybe hog-wash , in the bathing sense.
one direction Bethlehem or Hell, guess that's a Catch-22 old Joseph's got going.
Hell . in Czech = Peklo
but heaven is not Pecker High.
Religion never surfaced in our house, I have no idea what it's like to be brought up in the more austere religious households.
Any explanations for the push on marriage in Christian households and the lack of it in Jesus Christ's life?

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