Aug 9, 2007

One Little Slip

Synchromagician Jake Kotze turned me on to Disney's Chicken Little with a reference to the many hexagons in the movie, so last week I decided to check it out.

Disney movies always, and I mean always, have occult meaning. In the opening credits of Chicken Little, we get the back story in a song and in Chicken Little's trip to school. Something about the hero making "one little" slip" way back in the day, and how the whole town wouldn't ever let him live it down. I have a feeling the credits are an allegory for the Fall, and it would take all day to go through it piece by piece, which I have neither the time or patience to do, but there is this one part of particular interest:

On his accident prone way to school, Chicken Little loses his pants out on the street, leaving him in his tighty whities. He gives the classic "genital shame" sign (hands crossed over the crotch), and attempts to sneak to school through the underbrush. Once inside, he accidentally bares himself to the cheerleaders in the gym, who are busy making a human pyramid. They scream, he runs - more shame. Finally, he makes it to his locker, which to him is a huge tower (of Babel), which he quickly unlocks (number 33 on his combination lock) and scales. Inside the tower he finds a piece of paper upon which is written "Answers" along with much arithmetic (hidden knowledge). But this is the kicker: Chicken Little takes the hidden knowledge and makes pants (an apron) for himself! Who says Masons don't run the world? Or at least Hollywood. I've previously posted about Masons and their aprons in Shame.

The basic plot is that aliens invade earth because they think their son has been kidnapped (or worse), and Chicken Little helps return the little alien tyke to his parents, thereby narrowly avoiding earth being turned into a cinder. It's all just a big misunderstanding!!

I'm shocked, SHOCKED to find that there is gambling going on here! --Casablanca


aferrismoon said...

Graet work here. Without wishing to 'label' you or 'gay' this blog opens up a lot of symbolism, truths, ideas that wouldn't have come from men not 'reconciling their cock and god'.
It also sends a sign to gay and hetero- separatists, who disdain each other from their particular camps.
Getting a male sexual take on biblical stories adds psychic info to the whole story. I do not feel you[ whoever that may be] promote gay but integrate male sex and sexuality into a total field array type thing.
One little slip, though, seems to link to Transvestites. Then that moves into the whole apron thang. With the dividers and square covering the genitals, snippety freakin' snip.
Cheers for comments and questions too.

FilmNoir23 said...

Michael, nice work! I added a link to this at my blog also. It seems this little Disney gem just won't go away.

I like your style, and you bring a TRULY unique voice to the research we are all doing as aferrismoon states as well.

Michael said...

Thanks for the comments, much appreciated.

In Chicken Little, the aliens accidentally turn Foxy Loxy into a girl, or at least into a little drag queen. The stereotype gay character is a pig (thanks for the heads up about 'pig' = 'little girl' in the Li'l Abner post), who yells "No! she's perfect!" when the aliens offer to return him to "normal". So the aliens give the gay character his "perfect" mate, by making his former tormenter gay.

aferrismoon said...

Ther's the joke - PG = a blind pig, it has no I [eye]. Crowley uses this in his Book of Lies No.83 [ P=80,G=3]. I don't have the copy so i forget the thrust of the verse.
PG also = parental guidance - akin to a Blind Pig

FilmNoir23 said...

Ha! Now that's pretty good. There is a pub here called "The Blind Pig" Tavern.

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