Jan 23, 2008

Eyes Wide Open

I've desperately needed a new eyeglasses prescription for a long time, and in my usual style I put it off for way too long. Last week I finally went to the eye doctor, who gave me the good news: "You need bifocals". Yet another joyous side benefit of middle aging. Anyway, I was going through their battery of eye tests and sat down at a machine where you place your chin on a support and look into some goggles and focus on the image in the center.

Which happened to be a shot down a straight two lane road, heading off toward the horizon, with a red hot air balloon at the end, like an Emerald City/pot o' gold at the end of the road/rainbow! It was strange then, but thinking back, it has grown ever stranger - as if it were a dream - so laden with symbols. It's a bit disquieting when the Logos bypasses the usual media channels.

Tri focals (via Gormax at Gay Imagery)


Anonymous said...

Dear Michael,

Tell me you didn't know that I was working on an article about 'Eyes Wide Shut' for the last nine days.

I need to know so I can sleep without a heavy dose of anti-psychotics.

In a way I hope you didn't know after all, because such syncs are magical.

Looove the foto, BTW.

All the world loves a lover, and three's company.

Peace out

Da WWWiz

Michael said...

Of course I knew. I needed a title with a reference to eyes/vision/glasses, and it seemed appropriate.

I haven't delved into your articles yet - need to be in the proper chemical frame of mind.

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